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the person in charge of a railway station

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Traveling northbound on train: Remain on the train past Oakland City Station and exit at West End Station, then ask MARTA Station Agent to request a shuttle van to take you back to Oakland City Station.
Proof was easy: we walked to the depot where a co-operative station agent gave me a sheaf of messages, which I transmitted to Calgary.
Written and directed by Tom McCarthy, it explores similar themes to his debut film, the award-winning Station Agent - loneliness and the friendship of strangers.
His first film, the wonderfully quirky 2003 movie "The Station Agent," showed that McCarthy had something to say.
The movie is writer-director Tom McCarthy's follow-up to his 2003 debut, the well-liked "The Station Agent," and it shares that film's offbeat, humanistic spirit.
Lorri Nandrea, exploring the phenomenon of non-goal oriented curiosity, takes up Edgar Allan Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue," Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Linda Elegant's true tale called "The Chicken" (a contribution to National Public Radio's Story Project), and Tom McCarthy's film, The Station Agent.
Kumagai also shot and seriously injured a subway station agent in a failed robbery attempt at Tokyo's Shibuya station June 23 of the year, the court ruled.
In 1946, he joined the Canadian Pacific Railway as station agent in Lake Louise, and over the next 41 years served in a variety of senior positions with the railroad, retiring in 1987 as CP Rail vice-president of transportation.
It's a film formed around the love triangle between three women played by Radha Mitchell (Neighbours), Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club) and Patricia Clarkson (The Station Agent, Six Feet Under).
The honours list here is headed up by Tom McCarthy's The Station Agent, Peter Hedges's Pieces of April, Sue Brooks with Japanese Story (featuring the most moving ten minutes of the year), Zach Braff's Garden State, Wayne Kramer's The Cooler, Sophia Coppola's (slightly overestimated) Lost In Translation and, in something of a triple whammy for the British Film Industry, Nick Love's brutally powerful Football Factory, Matthew Vaughn's reinvigorating of the homegrown gangster movie with Layer Cake and, for many the best British film of the year, Edgar Wright's hysterically funny zombie pastiche Shaun of the Dead.
THE STATION AGENT (15): A small movie with a big heart tells the tale of a lonely dwarf who inherits a railway station and meets a damaged cast of characters who help him realise that he's bigger than he thought he was.
The Station Agent is a quiet contrast to "Mystic River," but it is equally thoughtful; writer-director Tom McCarthy is not afraid to employ silence to suggest growth in its central relationships.
The Station Agent is about nothing and about everything at the same time.
pictures including Tom McCarthy's The Station Agent and Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity (both Sundance Festival winners).
As the flight crew boarded the plane, the Northwest station agent at the airport noticed Morrison wasn't looking too good.