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daily of simvastatin, a common statin drug used to prevent heart attack and stroke, and 447 took a daily placebo, or dummy pill.
The increase in diabetes incidence in this new study was relatively small (9% compared with placebo), and 255 patients had to be treated with a statin drug for four years to cause one new case of diabetes.
Our data cannot be used as rationale for changing the indication for statin drugs to include prevention or treatment of colorectal cancer, but this question certainly warrants further investigation," said Jenny Poynter, a statistician from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Few studies have explored the possibility of using statin drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease among older adults.
Of 30,629 white patients, 62% were diagnosed with dyslipidemia, and all of those patients were on statin drugs.
Statin drugs risk liver failure, not kidney failure.
In an editorial, The Lancet said the risks of easily available access to statin drugs were unknown, and there was no evidence that the move will save lives.
This year, America's largest annual award in medicine--The Albany Medical Center Prize-honors two researchers whose groundbreaking studies help explain how statin drugs prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the bloodstream.
patent for the use of statin drugs for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
I think these drugs should be added to a statin drug, which in and of itself can reduce the triglyceride levels up to 40%, depending on the baseline level.
Luckily, Ubiquinol can be taken in supplement form to replace the levels lost by both the natural aging process and, in particular, through statin drug use.
Rosuvastatin-a statin drug sold as Crestor-suppressed the growth of transplanted human prostate cancer cells in mice.
Physicians often rely solely on high-dose statin drug therapy to achieve desired blood lipid readings.
Sixty-two patients with dyslipidemia who had discontinued at least one statin drug (mean, 1.
He said in other prevention studies, the five-year NNT values for people with high cholesterol ranged from 44, for those taking the statin drug pravastatin or Pravachol, made by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.