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Type 2 diabetics are usually recommended to be on a statin.
The unmatched cohort, which included all 5,417 patients, was not statistically balanced between statin vs.
Study author Xuemei Huang from Penn State College of Medicine said statin use was associated with higher, not lower, Parkinson's disease risk, and the association was more noticeable for lipophilic statins, an observation inconsistent with the current hypothesis that these statins protect nerve cells.
Dr Binliang Liu, from the department of medical oncology at the centre in Beijing, said: "We did a meta-analysis which showed statins truly can change the prognosis of breast cancer but it is constrained by the type of statin and user-time.
The relationship between statin use and heart structure and function was assessed using a statistical technique called multiple regression which adjusts for potential confounders that can have an effect on the heart such as ethnicity, gender, age, and body mass index (BMI).
One meta-analysis that utilized results from 13 statin studies involving more than 91,000 participants demonstrated an acrossthe-board increased diabetes risk of 9%,8 and found the highest risk in trials involving older subjects.
Low- or moderate-intensity statin therapy also improved survival, compared with no statin, albeit to a significantly lesser magnitude than high-intensity therapy.
The reduction in Alzheimer's disease risk varied across statin molecules, sex and race/ethnicity.
Subjects enrolled in the study, 70 years old and older, were given a moderate dose of a statin for an average of 5.
For those who don't find a statin they can take without incurring muscle pain, there are non-statin options.
Consequently, statin use decreases mitochondrial DNA levels and the concentration of mitochondria in muscle.
In other words, if 100 people take a statin, one fewer person will have a heart attack than if they had taken nothing.
In a population-based cohort study, the relative risk for diabetes was nearly 50 percent higher in statin users.
L agrees to take a low-dose statin, and you prescribe atorvastatin 10 mg and a thiazide diuretic.