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the branch of mechanics concerned with forces in equilibrium

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The Statics will headline upstairs at Whelan's tonight with very special guests - doors are from 8pm and entry will be a recession proof [euro]5.
The element's differential statics equations, describing the balance between the internal and external forces, are replaced with algebraic equilibrium equations presented in the Bubnov-Galerkin method.
The National Statics Center will offer training to develop the skills of the employees involved in statistical work at the Ministry.
The park, has around 300 statics, costing from pounds 25,000 to pounds 40,000-plus.
He made some notable contributions to science, especially in his works on statics and hydrostatics.
Two more nights away was another night of solid gold rock and roll: The Statics reunion show with perennial garage stalwarts from Tacoma, Girl Trouble.
Countywide, 33 percent of private and public high school graduates went on to California community colleges in 2004, the most recent year for which statics are available, according to the California Postsecondary Education Commission Web site.
While the other students at Highland Community College In Freeport, Ill, are poring over notes and cramming for exams, Instructor Eric Peterson's statics and dynamics class is applying physics and engineering lessons, medieval style.
Supermodular optimization is a new methodology for conducting comparative statics or sensitivity analysis, that is, it determines how changes in exogenous parameters affect endogenous variables in optimizing models.
The architecture of the chapel is a gateway from one world to another, from the irreducible world of statics and ergonomics and lighting studies to one in which no such rules need apply.
I think of his reform of the science of Optics and, more generally, of physics, his criticism of the astronomy of Ptolemy, his reform of Statics and his immense mathematical contributions in the same way as that of Newton.
You long for the world of statics, in which Kings are kings, lords rule the manor, merchants bilk the poor and every commoner entertains the fairy tale of being knighted, which alas was your own desire.
To determine the stress distribution and deflection of the core before and after the metal has been poured, one has to apply the basic principles of statics, strength of materials and fluid dynamics to the particular core configuration.
Results showed that financial analysts were wary of auditor independence when the same CPA firm performed both internal and external audits, but only if there was no separation of the two audit statics.