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the branch of mechanics concerned with forces in equilibrium

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Egypt is currently host to 500,000 Syrian refugees, according to the official statics announced by the Foreign Ministry.
Official statics show that an average of 36,000 passengers use public transport daily.
The park would be divided into three sectors for the luxury lodges, statics caravans and tourers.
PORTRUSH THE STATICS Hailed as one of the finest indie bands to come out of Dublin, three-piece The Statics arrive in Belfast armed with a host of energetic tracks ensuring they will pick up a host of new fans after this gig.
799 million in July-January 2014-15, Pakistan Bureau of Statics says.
Other chapters cover the basics and applications of kinematics, angular dynamics, energy, power, and statics and quasi-statics.
8 percent fall in oil imports, according to Department of Statics data.
A course based on it could stand alone as a terminal course, he says, but it would also prepare students for upper-level courses in statics, stochastic processes, and actuarial sciences.
Joining him is Irish band The Statics - previously The Strutts - who are currently performing gigs across Ireland to promote their debut EP.
In the equilibrium finite element method, equations of statics are satisfied completely or almost completely, while the geometric equations of interrelations are satisfied approximately [2, 3].
A highlight of the statics display was a 1916 International Harvester Mogul from Harry Williams of Forrest Farm, Cilcain.
A secondary analysis was conducted on detailed performance data for 16 participants from a freshman Engineering course in Statics.
The organization of topics follows the expected divisions of physics with selected questions within the categories of motion, statics, fluids, waves, magnetism, and particle physics.
According to the report, in terms of statics, total teledensity of the country reached 64.