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any of various plants of the genus Limonium of temperate salt marshes having spikes of white or mauve flowers

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Whatever our reasons for growing annual and biennial flowers and exotic grasses may be, there are many that are very suited to drying and some species, such as the strawflower (Helianthus annuus) and statice (Limonium sinuatum) do it for us; for they grow ready-made for the dried-flower-arrangement.
In sunny garden spots plant beautiful summer annuals, such as ageratum, fibrous-rooted begonias, lobelia, marigolds, mimulus, nasturtium, periwinkles, petunias, scaevola, statice and verbena.
Bands slated to play are Springfield's Strong Medicine, Portland's OverKast and Junction City bands Statice and Sylvia.
This year, straw flower, statice, and varieties of celosia planted in one raised bed provide cutting and drying activities for residents in both summer and winter.
The broad lavender-coloured margins of the bracteoles, resembling in colour the flowers of some species of Statice, candied all over with white scurf, harmonize with the deep violet petals, and thus avoid that sharp contrast in colour so often found in the inflorescence of plants of this order".
Statice and everlastings or helichrysum can be treated in the same way now, and, come winter, will make great dried-flower arrangements.
Main flowers grown are carnations, roses, gerberas, gladiolus, freesia, helianthus, liatries, lilies (oriental and asiatic), mathiola, statice and chrysanthemum in Baqa'a and Madaba, while producers in the Jordan valley region grow gypsophila and foliage (e.
This vivid collection of spray roses, hot pink and yellow germini, and lilac statice sprigs comes neatly presented in an equally vivid candy-striped box.
In much of the literature, statice is said to be halophytic, or salt-loving," she says.
But it is the everlasting flowers - Statice sinuatum, Acroclinium roseum and lovely Helichrysum bracteatum - which work best and hold their colour well all through the winter months.
The most popular flower in Japan by far is chrysanthemums, followed by carnations, roses, gypsophila and statice.
Amum, dogtooth violet, heather, hyacinth, lace, and statice were added.
A variety of flowers, plants and seeds will be used, including lavender dendrobs, pink pincushion protea, white queen Anne's lace, dark blue iris, light pink carnations, orange roses, yellow button mums, bronze fine cut strawflower, purple fine cut statice, red hanging amaranth, Kermit green mums, brown flax seed, green ground parsley flakes, black onion seed, green ground split pea, shiny grey silverleaf, red large kidney beans and cream corn husk, among many others.
Her bouquet of sunflowers, purple statice, and Viking poms was wrapped in burlap, lace and her great-great-grandmother's handmade handkerchief.
Festive Big Hug Bouquet: A cuddly teddy bear hugs a ceramic vase, which houses a stunning mix of pink Gerbera daisies, yellow Peruvian lilies, fuchsia mini carnations, and purple statice.