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occurring or extending throughout a state

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Total Deposits Statewide $50,877,672 $51,988,518 $53,384,259
The predisposition of Texans - was against a statewide property tax because they thought, among other things, that it would lead to an income tax eventually," state Sen.
The summits will build stronger bridges between the statewide afterschool networks and municipal leaders in selected states.
Of 3,700 children surveyed in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Fielding said, more than 60 percent had dental decay by the time they got to kindergarten, compared with 50 percent statewide.
The 2004 statewide median selling price of $232,000 represents a 16.
7 points below the statewide DE average of 54; whereas the F2F success rates fell only 5.
Set up a statewide provisional ballot system by January 1, 2004, so that every eligible voter who goes to a polling place can cast a ballot.
Statewide cooperative initiatives to support online and distance learners are not unique to Utah.
Unfortunately for Al Gore, it was the refusal of the Florida Supreme Court to legislate a new, precise, statewide standard for interpreting ballots--a refusal to be a judicially active, changing-the-rules-in-the-middle-of-the-game kind of court--that led the U.
Each election year, Minnesota's parties hold a statewide set of precinct caucuses followed by county, and congressional district conventions.
Both companies have extensive experience providing statewide telecommunications services and offer innovative, cost effective solutions that will reduce the overall telecommunications costs for our state and local government customers.
In marked contrast, Georgia put new electronic voting systems into every precinct in 2002 and, thanks to a comprehensive, statewide implementation plan that covered every aspect of elections from ballot design and machine testing to poll worker training and voter outreach, voters experienced few problems.
The study, which examined past, current and projected census figures to develop a snapshot of statewide and New Jersey regional demographics, shows that the expected median age of residents in Southern, Northern, and Central New [Jersey.
Moreover, the prevalent pattern appears to be that academic libraries are forming these consortia on a statewide basis.
Small businesses are mobilizing throughout the state by launching a statewide letter writing and coalition drive to help send a message to decision makers in Sacramento that the current health care proposals threaten to put them out of business.
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