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Synonyms for statesmanship

wisdom in the management of public affairs

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At a time of growing anxiety about the Soviet Union and world communism George Kennan exemplified another side of statesmanship by providing both a sense of direction and a calming, steadying influence, which were made possible by a rare combination of intellectual power, historical acumen, experience, and realism.
The PPP Chairman said that people of Pakistan would always remember him in golden words as their hero while his opponents were also accepting his courage, statesmanship, foresightedness and love for his country and nation.
Trump's rhetoric and declaring other nations 'liar and deceitful' is not the done thing or statesmanship.
Pointing to different political parties ruling at the Centre and in the States, he said:"The constitutional statesmanship is being exhibited by the Governors of various states across the country, particularly when the party in the power at the Centre and in the states are not the same.
The Gusi Peace Prize is the most prestigious award of the world brings out the best of human achievements in Education, Science, Research, Medicine, Journalism, Statesmanship, Philanthropy and Diplomacy towards the attainment of peace.
The visit is a reflection of the fine statesmanship Hariri practices, which will be repeated once again in two weeks' time as he makes a trip to Moscow.
The BDF Commander-in-Chief lauded the wisdom and statesmanship of HRH the Prime Minister which earned Bahrain a pioneering status in many fields and turned it into a model to emulate in growth and development.
Ateny, in a statement entitled "happy 5th Independent Day to the People of South Sudan", said Kiir has demonstrated a statesmanship and true leadership by treating his first deputy, Riek Machar, as a brother than an enemy, generating comments asking how his boss should have treated Machar.
By superb statesmanship Kennedy resolved the crisis without humiliating the Soviet Union.
Baha, 19 Rabi'I,1437 AH, 30 December,2015 , SPA -- Prince Mishari bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Baha region, confirmed that the state's budget showed the strength and durability of the Saudi economy under the current circumstances in the region, pointing out that it proved the characteristics of statesmanship and wisdom being enjoyed by the government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince and the Deputy Crown Prince.
Al-Kayed said the late Jassem Al-Kharafi was a model of statesmanship in the Arab world, especially at the economic and parliamentary level.
The travesty is the need for statesmanship and the lack of it at the present time.
This calls for courageous statesmanship from our leaders and the generosity of spirit of a united nation.
This requires more statesmanship from Israel and an end to violence, including the threats of Hamas and its supporters to Israel's very existence.
That was why differences within the GCC, where Qatar found itself at odds with its fellow members, was a serious matter requiring statesmanship and compromise to bring it to an end.