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Synonyms for statesmanly

marked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman

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A bit like a statesmanly badger, he burrowed through Wales' rich ancestry with aplomb, and it should be said that his star booking did provide some weight to an otherwise standard trawl through the history books.
Yield to a statesmanly visionary with wisdom and the gifts to articulate an inspirational cause, a plan worthy of those who sacrificed their lives for liberty.
And so I began my mission to trace how music, that statesmanly, international language, forged its way through the war--building community, understanding and healing on all sides, yes?
Refusing to take any questions from the journalists gathered at the school, Blair concluded firmly in his statesmanly mould, ''It has been a somewhat difficult week, but I think it's time now to move on and I think we will.
arrogant and statesmanly in his copasetic pose-jazzman