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any of the various silver or gold coins of ancient Greece

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a resident of a particular state or group of states

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By nearly doubling the dedication the vast majority of Granite Staters will see their tax bills slashed.
Furthermore, Granite Staters think that candidates running for president should address the issue and that candidates who do so are more likely to get their vote.
The professional breakdown of the Free Staters in the legislature is a reflection of the diversity of the movement; there are real estate brokers, lawyers, writers, EMTS, couriers, and computer programmers.
Under Brown's leadership (he has served as the company's president and chief executive officer for 32 years and its chairman for 27 years) Stater Bros.
After the 2008 primary I tried to estimate the multiplier effect that Free Staters had on Ron Paul's support in New Hampshire.
Another ex-Golden Stater, Paul Stankowski from Oxnard, is contending for a berth on the U.
Senator Maggie Hassan spoke today on the Senate floor, where she announced that Max Mendez, an eight-year-old boy from Merrimack who started Mighty Maxs Mega Toy Drive while battling leukemia, is her Granite Stater of the Month for December.
According to an article posted by the Free Staters (and written by Free Stater No.
Still, Swearingen says activism by Free Staters can be credited with deregulating homeschooling, shooting down seat belt laws, and defeating Real ID, an attempt by the federal government to impose biometric national standards on state-issued identification cards.
And that's important, because we want the customers to know that the brands they've been used to will be at Staters and will be priced right.
Briel added, "right now our primary objective is to continue hiring and training the almost 500 Bay Staters who will be joining the IKEA family before we open.
President, this month, I am proud to recognize Linda Saunders Paquette, of Contoocook, as our Granite Stater of the Month in recognition of her years of leadership and steadfast commitment to combating the fentanyl, heroin, and opioid crisis in New Hampshire, which remains our most pressing public health challenge and threatens the health and safety of our fellow Granite Staters.
A recent New England College poll finds that, while Granite Staters appear to be hopeful about the nation's economy and their personal finances, that optimism does not extend to their holiday shopping plans.
org, you can take the pledge, communicate on public message boards, and register your personal information, which, if you like, eventually will be available to other Free Staters.
After undergoing treatment for substance use disorder thanks to her Medicaid coverage, Elizabeth now works at SOS Recovery Community Organization, helping other Granite Staters who are facing the same challenges she did.