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They secluded themselves in their staterooms during the greater part of the passage, and absolutely refused, although I repeatedly urged them, to hold communication with any person on board.
His wife caught his hand and led him through the small connecting door to her tiny stateroom.
So I dropped on my hands and knees in the little passage, and crept aft in the dark till there warn't but one stateroom betwixt me and the cross-hall of the texas.
Everything was as before in the ship-- except that two of her captain's sleeping suits were si- multaneously in use, one motionless in the cuddy, the other keeping very still in the captain's stateroom.
Nor did Daylight ever give the secret away, though that afternoon, leaning back in his stateroom on the Twentieth Century, his shoes off, and feet on a chair, he chuckled long and heartily.
The hatchet-marks were still raw on the door of our tiny stateroom advertising an event of a few months before.
Telephone over to-morrow and reserve a stateroom for me," he told the clerk.
And Kwaque it was who pulled Michael through the port-hole into Dag Daughtry's stateroom and waited for that worthy to arrive by the roundabout way of the door.
Bertie slept that night in the captain's cabin, a tiny stateroom off the main cabin.
There was a stateroom unoccupied, and he took it and set about changing his clothes.
I lay in a berth amid the familiar surroundings of the stateroom of a steamer.
You would just as soon expect your captain to have his nose at the back of his head as to have his stateroom on the port side of the ship.
Were he not so terrible a man, I could sometimes feel sorry for him, as instance three mornings ago, when I went into his stateroom to fill his water-bottle and came unexpectedly upon him.
I cried, my face on fire, for I caught sight of it that moment in the stateroom mirror.
I wish to secure the whole of stateroom number twenty-eight.