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There's something really special about the combination of a beautiful stately home setting and music that gets absolutely everyone on their feet - I know that the Ragley crowd will absolutely love Classic Ibiza
It can cost home buyers, on average, GBP41,000 extra to live nearby to a stately home compared to neighbouring areas.
Filming in an AC 428 outside a stately home when I reversed over a garden ornament.
As such, I now decided to peruse this vast stately home in the style of someone house-hunting, as if I was in the market for a 50-bedroom house.
When she moved to North Yorkshire last year, she became an assistant catering manager at the stately home.
As someone who has occasionally visited this stately home, both upstairs and down, I appreciated this book from a tourist's standpoint.
In an almost redemptive attempt to reassert the uniqueness and importance of the English nation, the public's interest in its country homes exploded and with it, the aristocracy's ability to exploit, economically and socially, the latest (and ongoing) stage in the relationship between the English stately home and the English people.
AGOLF course and stately home owned by the former guitarist in heavy metal band Judas Priest has fallen into administration.
A BUTLER has been crushed to death in a lift accident at the stately home known to millions of fans of TV's 1994 Middlemarch series.
Outraged villagers raised a 4,000-signature petition and 350 of them marched on Hagley Hall, the stately home of Viscount Cobham.
WESTON Park on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border has invited three local artists to capture scenes around the stately home to celebrate its 25th anniversary as a charitable trust.
On arrival it's a short coach transfer to the magnificent 600 year old Scottish Castle and stately home of the Earl of Strathmore, the family home of the late Queen Mother.
The couple will live in the earl's Wilton House stately home set in 14,000 acres.
From town or country, cottage to stately home, Country Life is inviting nominations for outstanding examples of buildings of any scale restored during the past decade.
A FORMER rock star, two glamour models and an Oxford University graduate who lives in a stately home are among the 16 hopefuls who walked through the doors of the Big Brother house last night.