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Synonyms for stateliness

an elaborate manner of doing something

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impressiveness in scale or proportion

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No eyelashes could be more beautiful than Hetty's; and now, while she walks with her pigeonlike stateliness along the room and looks down on her shoulders bordered by the old black lace, the dark fringe shows to perfection on her pink cheek.
Let me be a lady a moment longer," replied Hepzibah, with a manner of antique stateliness to which a melancholy smile lent a kind of grace.
The ghost of beauty, the ghost of stateliness, the ghost of elegance, the ghost of pride, the ghost of frivolity, the ghost of wit, the ghost of youth, the ghost of age, all waiting their dismissal from the desolate shore, all turning on him eyes that were changed by the death they had died in coming there.
Good-bye, my son," she answered with a bow of strained stateliness.
He went hastily down, and was followed by a dignified person, dressed in a purple velvet suit with very rich embroidery; his demeanor would have possessed much stateliness, only that a grievous fit of the gout compelled him to hobble from stair to stair, with contortions of face and body.
They rode to the top of Oxford Street, and there alighting, dived in among the great streets of melancholy stateliness, and the little streets that try to be as stately and succeed in being more melancholy, of which there is a labyrinth near Park Lane.
The superior stateliness, if not the superior generalship, of the Analytical prevails over a man who is as nothing off the box; and the Coachman, yielding up his salver, retires defeated.
Given all these liabilities, the best one can hope for from any production of Julius Caesar is stateliness, pageantry and music, an opera seria without arias, and these aren't qualities likely to be in large supply at the Public Theater, which undertook Julius Caesar as the second production of its six-year assault on the whole oeuvre.
The facade of the building was also updated, returning its outer appearance to its original stateliness.
In its effort to mix sass with stateliness, to substitute dancing for dueling and to accompany royal dementia with wild jazz riffs, it also diminishes the play's exploration of a world in chaos.
I was aghast to find that the transformation of the middle of the city from former stateliness to current tawdriness is well advanced.
Pozo's "El Cid" makes no attempt to replicate either stateliness of Anthony Mann's direction nor the psychology that makes Heston's protag both a hero and a complex individual.
A horticultural miracle, for sure, and you must never forget the stateliness of the place or the gravity of the occasion.
Burton's zip seems dangerously close to becoming slapdash mad, undermining the stateliness of Newman's epic one) The discharge is now eloquently "off": the impulsive gestures do not precisely coordinate with the grid skeleton, except its controlling, "screening" pattern.
2) where shifts between stateliness, exuberance and eloquence were vigorously spontaneous.