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occurring or extending throughout a state

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 25 ( ANI ): Protest was held in Attibelle during state-wide bandh in Karnataka against the "Centre's apathy" towards the Mahadayi River water dispute.
These households include over 39,000 CAF-designated locations in Frontier's service area that now have access to broadband with speeds of at least 10 Mb/s /1Mb/s, exceeding the CAF programme's 40% 2017 milestone for Frontier's multi-year CAF deployment to 90,000 locations state-wide.
The McGowan Government is providing mental health and wellbeing education for men in regional and remote farming communities, who are identified as a priority population under the State-wide suicide prevention strategy, Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives.
Ohio Laser, an ISO 9001:2008 certified metal fabricator that provides precision laser cutting services, laser tube cutting, copper cutting, brass cutting and other metal fabrication services, has received the annual Ohio State-wide Development Corporation SBA 504 2012 Loan Project of the Year award.
State-wide in distribution; occupies a number of habitat types including river floodplains, old fields, sandy river bluffs, and forest edges.
California already has a state-wide law requiring supermarkets and large retailers to provide customers with recycling bins for used plastic bags.
MSCommNet is a hybrid Project 25 (P25) VHF state-wide digital radio system, based on the company's VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data, Access) Network technology.
The MOU also provides funding for the development of a state-wide groundwater database to assist communities in evaluating groundwater issues related to the cleanup of contaminated properties.
Each book's introduced by a handy state-wide map with the state of subject in red.
Hightower, who was twice elected to state-wide office in Texas, writes with down-home (or "lowdown") humor and scathing attacks similar to fellow Texan columnist Molly Ivins.
The New York edition will have a rate base of 25,000 women business owners, board members, operating officers, CFOs and related corporate executives in the metropolitan, tri-state area, while the Texas edition will have a state-wide audience of the same number.
I wish Teixeira had included an analysis of the 2002 elections in Texas, where the GOP took all the state-wide races, beating, among others, Tony Sanchez, a Hispanic candidate for governor in a state with a rapidly increasing Hispanic population.
The changes proposed by the BBBBC include expanding the law to include non-carbonated beverage containers, such as bottled water, teas and juices; increasing deposits from 5 cents to 10 cents; and allocating unredeemed deposits to an Environmental Protection Fund to support recycling and waste prevention efforts state-wide.
There will be new state-wide computerized voter registration lists, with the chief state election official responsible for those lists, including intake and purging requirements; provisional balloting systems according to state law; and new voter identification procedures that are uniform and non-discriminatory throughout a state.
The estate alleged that the warden instituted a practice that contravened a state-wide policy by providing an untethered knife without adequate supervision to a prisoner who had a recent history of committing violent crimes.
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