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supported and operated by the government of a state

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Further stimuli to the development of agricultural insurance may be given by converging the terms and conditions of state-supported insurance and bank collateral insurance, as well as offering benefits from other types of state support to farmers who have an agricultural insurance policy.
The bill followed the recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission, which last year found that the state could "no longer afford" the cost of operating all of its 13 state-supported living centers.
North Carolina and other state-supported routes continue to lead the way in ridership growth.
Adonis's announcement came not long after another Blair minister had claimed the worship service regulations would not change, prompting students at a state-supported Catholic school in London to boycott mass in protest.
State-supported institutions face an additional challenge on donor anonymity, as open-records laws may require that the names of donors to government entities be disclosed.
The fight over the future of the state's institutions for the disabled picked back up this week as lawmakers considered a proposal to shutter six of Texas' 13 state-supported living centers.
This study examines two state-supported formative assessment initiatives that promote a consensus definition of formative assessment endorsed by the Council of Chief State School Officers.
99m) by the state-supported Abu Dhabi Fund for Development will be used to reconstruct 141km of road between Mandinaba and Soma.
3--Number of undergraduates with unmet need, and average amount of unmet need (segmented by resident and non-resident tuition payers for state-supported institutions).
Americans United is determined to assert its full strength to the end that there shall be no more breaches in this wall, that the breaches already made shall be repaired, and that the complete separation of church and state in an undivided state-supported educational system shall be maintained.
The Supreme Court ruled June 26 that excluding women from a state-supported college is unconstitutional.
The debate over the state-supported living centers is an emotional and heated one.
Chancellor George, do you see your institution as representative of the "typical" comprehensive state-supported university?
In a quick response to a Supreme Court ruling earlier this week that the Virginia Military Institute must either admit women or not accept public money, the United States' only other state-supported, all-male military college, The Citadel, said Friday that it would admit women.
Advocates for shuttering Texas' 13 institutions for the disabled thought they had the numbers on their side: a budget crisis so severe that lawmakers would have no choice but to close some state-supported living centers.
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