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a state police officer

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The Vermont State Troopers are tasked with taking over the Canadian Mountie unit and enforcing the law in their own fashion.
Arkansas State troopers helped salvage a 10-year-old's birthday after none of the boy's classmates showed up to his birthday party.
The driver allegedly refused to exit the vehicle but was removed after state troopers used a baton to break the car's passenger-side window, police said.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania subsequently found that state troopers had handed out roughly 750 citations for foul language or obscene gestures every year.
This good-natured comedy proved to be a surprise box office hit, with James terrific as the would-be state trooper.
JOHN McCAIN's running mate Sarah Palin unlawfully abused her power as Alaska's governor by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.
Two others were wounded, including a state trooper in Skagit County, north of Seattle, yesterday afternoon local time.
An Illinois State Trooper one day was pulling off an expressway near Chicago.
Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, an escapee from the Erie County Correctional Facility, was wanted in connection with the shooting of State Trooper Sean Brown in Horseheads.
com, had to remove specified sentences "which contain references to 'The State Trooper,' 'This Trooper Site' and 'Official Directory of State Patrol & State Police.
Jim LeMay, a geneticist at the lab, recalls receiving a box from a state trooper that contained animal guts.
Because Alex Jensen, with whom she is living, needs to be away on state trooper business, she goes alone.
2) Next time a Connecticut state trooper pulls him over for speeding, he'll have a new driver's license that says he's ``Dave Andretti.
Michigan State Trooper Daniel King, of the Manistee Post, responded to a request to help transport an uncooperative subject.
Chaplain Steven Eaton led prayers of remembrance for those lost and for those who survived, and Washington State Trooper Barry Kirk played "Going Home" as Ferrier and Mason dropped a floral wreath in honor of those laid to rest in the sea.
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