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the treasurer for a state government

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When the City announced its financial crisis, the State Treasurer told the City to hire the Ernst & Young accounting firm.
The Indiana State Treasurer manages pension funds invested in Chrysler debt.
Please join us on Thursday, June 21 as the Sacramento Press Club welcomes State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who will be speaking about all things related to state finances.
State Treasurer Martha Shoffner Arrested for Extortion by FBI
The global financial meltdown has significantly elevated the profile of the race for state treasurer.
PHIL Angelides, the would-be next governor of California, is banking that his innovations as state treasurer will be enough to propel him into the state's top office.
The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer will use analytics software from SAS to strengthen its investment process and better protect the pensions of more than 850,000 citizens.
30, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- State Treasurer Denise L.
Consequently, state Treasurer Phil Angelides has proposed an alternative plan: floating $200 million in short-term, higher-interest bonds, albeit with the catch that, depending on what becomes of the lawsuits, lenders might never get paid back.
In appointing former State Treasurer (and gubernatorial candidate) Jim Hill to the State Board of High Education, Gov.
When I was running for state treasurer in 1980, only ten years later, I was doing an interview with a reporter in Camden.
The odds of an Oklahoman having unclaimed property are one-in-seven, much better odds than winning the lottery," said State Treasurer Scott Meacham.
17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), the Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST), and Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg announced today the launch of the Bank Savings Investment Option, Nebraska's FDIC-insured 529 savings option.
The popularity of CalCAP's microloans has grown nearly twentyfold in the last five years, and economists say that's a function of a lackluster economy and more attention by California State Treasurer Phil Angelides.
The rating reflects the bonds' source of security, a combination of state appropriation for debt service, as well as an intercept by the state treasurer of a portion of program funds appropriated for child care providers.
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