state supreme court

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the highest court in most states of the United States

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To assure transparency Covelli has made his application for the State Supreme Court seat available as an attachment to this press release.
The appeal before the state Supreme Court was brought by a group of faith-based supporters of Proposition 8, including Catholics, along with Imperial County.
621 (1991) (siding with the state, which appealed a decision of the state's intermediate court [the state supreme court had denied review] that had excluded evidence obtained as a result of a warrantless, probable cause-less chase and attempted stopping of the defendant; the Supreme Court holding that the police conduct was not subject to the constitutional prohibition against unreasonable seizures because it did not amount to a "seizure" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment).
The state supreme court ruled (77) that a mismatch between the unitary tax base and the separate-company factors, with a resulting 45% discrepancy, did not require factor representation for franchise tax purposes, either on constitutional or statutory grounds.
The death sentences formally were imposed on Koehler on April 12, 1999, which were affirmed by the state Supreme Court on Sept.
She brought an action against her firm, but it was dismissed by the State Supreme Court judge for failure to state a cause of action.
It is a significant, precedent-setting case for the ten-year old Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court.
But the court also issued a stay, preventing the issuance of licenses until the state could appeal that decision back to the state supreme court.
Opposition to the death penalty was largely responsible for voters ousting Rose Bird, former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, and two other justices in the 1980s.
Moore later argued that, as the chief justice of the state Supreme Court, he was the leaseholder, which afforded him authority over the building's contents.
22) The state supreme court denied the state's petition for review.
For the second time in four months, a State Supreme Court Justice in Westchester County has upheld the environmental review process conducted by the Village of Port Chester in connection with a proposed Home Depot store to be built on an approximately eight-acre tract located along the Port Chester-Rye border.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan joined 10 local and national public health and environmental groups to file amicus briefs with the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.
I will not be surprised to see a state supreme court ruling in oar favor," says Roey Thorpe, executive director of the gay rights group Basic Rights Oregon, which convinced the Multnomah commissioners to issue the licenses on constitutional grounds.
However, the 34-year-old Rosenkrantz - behind bars for 15 years for killing schoolmate Steven Redman for exposing his homosexuality - will remain in custody as prosecutors seek state Supreme Court review of the 2-1 decision.
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