state socialism

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an economic system in which the government owns most means of production but some degree of private capitalism is allowed

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The sub-system and structural changes were strongly influenced by managerial values, experiences and practices inherited from the organizational world of state socialism, and their transformative potential was constrained because they were not firmly rooted in values and expectations appropriate to their enactment.
The fall of deformed state socialism in Eastern Europe is a warning to modern governments, of whatever ideological stripe, that do not meet the needs of their people.
But rather than arresting the bureaucratic tendencies of state socialism, the Cultural Revolution only exacerbated them.
The model of state socialism as well as the dream of the parliamentary route to socialism are extinct.
Not, as in the Soviet Union, away from state socialism but rather in reaction to the strange and painful experience of late twentieth-century American capitalism.
After 30 or 40 years of state socialism in the East, the banner of free education and health care for all is no longer an exciting one, and official reminders of the evils of capitalism are no longer an effective tool for mobilization.
Others consider cultural formation in the ethnic and confessional communities, such as expressions of ethnic identity and affiliation in the donation practices of Macedo-Vlachs, patterns of wealth transmission in Sibiu, and the material situation of the higher Greek-Catholic clergy; memory, religious practice, and metamorphoses of artistic representation, including pilgrimage art and Romanian painters; donation as a sign of change in religious sensibility in Romanian churches and by Greek patrons of the arts; population mobility and social integration; and economy, trade, and human capital during the twentieth century, including modernization and state socialism and the territorial expansion of higher education.
Faith in state socialism foundered with the collapse of the Soviet regime, and faith in the magic hand of unfettered free enterprise has taken a terrible pasting over the last 12 months.
The second volume will discuss whether individualist anarchism is capitalistic, anarchist opposition to state socialism, and the outlines of anarchist society, among other topics.
The general discourse of blame in Poland may be divided roughly into two currents based upon how the transition from state socialism is understood, The first reveals a deep antipathy toward the communist past, not only as a theoretical system but also as it was actually experienced.
On the remanants of state socialism a state capitalism is being built, the state having as its mission the promotion of a new capitalist class.
The opposition in East Germany wants the democratization of state socialism.
Whatever one's reservations about and criticisms of Soviet and other forms of state socialism, and the distortions caused by the struggle to survive and grow in a world in which capitalism is still far stronger materially and militarily, the socialism that has developed up to now--however authoritarian --is fundamentally oriented to establishing not only a collectivistic, but an egalitarian alternative to capitalism, and draws its ideas and ideals from the Marxist founding fathers.
The Vietnamese Hydrocracy and the Mekong Delta: Water Resources Development From State Socialism to Bureaucratic Capitalism
Governing the Czech Republic and Slovakia; between state socialism and the European Union.
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