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a member of a state senate

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Martwick's move to designate all of Interstate 294 after Obama was in "recognition of President Barack Obama's dedication to public service as an Illinois State Senator, U.
Many in Iran think Dabakis is a US senator dealing with foreign policy rather than a state senator dealing with highway paving and mental health programs.
In the summer of 2005, Jessica's group met with state senators, as well as an aide to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and lobbied their cause.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Wisconsin State Senator Tom Reynolds, Republican of West Allis, asks job applicants about their religion, whether they're divorced, and whether they are virgins.
The California State Senate Democratic Caucus recently announced that state senator Dean Florez attended a ceremony in Fresno, CA earlier this week to unveil clean-burning buses and promote a $25-million effort to update the state's school bus fleet.
Bloomberg this week joined by Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, Council Member Tony Avella, Congressman Gary Ackerman, and State Senator Frank Padavan to officially open
Representative Larry Householder, State Senator Richard Finan, State Senator Jon Husted, State Senator Jeff Jacobson, State Senator Larry Mumper, Representative Anthony (Tony) E.
Also on October 16, state Senator Lynch won the ninth district seat previously held by the late Congressman Joe Moakley (D).
Alaska State Senator John Torgerson has introduced a bill into the state legislature which would prohibit leases under the Right of Way Leasing Act on state-owned submerged lands in the Beaufort Sea.
As a state Senator for ten years, he served as both Majority and Minority leader.
So what GLB voters may well do is remember state Senator Pete Knight--who launched the initiative--and the political party he represents.
As a state senator who incredulously watched his mostly normal-appearing colleagues serenely (in the face of his vigorous remonstrances, e.
The political season is drawing to a close as is my tenure as your state senator.
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