state of grace

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(Christian theology) a state of sanctification by God

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wonder to let the reader share in her state of grace, of recognition
As serenity is a true state of grace, where the individual finds reasons for contentment and fully enjoys what he or she has, without running after unreachable chimeras, we can say that it is the most desirable state for a human being while living his earthly existence.
Fallen from the state of grace of blissful ignorance, and cast out of the timeless bounty of Eden, the first humans are condemned to knowledge of hunger, desire, pain, and loss; to process and change, growth and decay.
The State of Grace help women to conceptualise a complete look that is completely their own.
He seems to occupy a constant state of grace, and uses his extraordinary talents on behalf of something truly important," Obama said of Clooney.
His characters come closest to a state of grace when they try and reach out to others; each rebuff is balanced by tiny, quiet acts of kindness.
heard Mass); Mary 'took Communion and confessed' whereas she would have confessed before receiving to be in a state of grace.
The thundering sound of bodies collapsing upon the wooden stage punctuates the show, reminding the audience of our frailty -- frailty being a state of grace.
Apart from some embarrassing Mae West-style vamping, she captures the various moods of the character perfectly: sultry and seductive in Act 1; vulnerable and compliant in Act II; and radiant in her state of grace in Act III.
I assume that McBride will do what is required to return to a state of grace as a member of the church in good standing.
Maybe it is that you reach a state of grace with a certain age.
Perhaps some humility, courtesy, generosity, and the realization that we all sin in numerous ways, would let in Christ through the Holy Ghost, to heal all rifts and bring our treasured, beloved Anglican Communion into a state of grace.
Paul Zahl is a scholar and a dean of Trinity Episcopal school for Ministry: his GRACE IN PRACTICE: A THEOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE is for any who would understand how the state of grace interacts with law, church and society.
If the piece became a little soft in the centre - one section, starting with a tentative vocal from Ed, sank into a plodding rhythm and over-earnest lyrics worthy of John Lennon (that is not a compliment) - it was saved by what followed - a rich swirling rhythm, Sylva singing of freeing the mind and the resultant state of grace, and all the band firing along superbly.
In many spiritual traditions, this has been called the state of grace.