state of flux

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a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action


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As ever with NUFC, we're in a state of flux, and as supporters, it's best summed up by playwright Arthur Miller, third in line to Marilyn Monroe: "Maybe all one can do is to end up with the right regrets".
Domestic construction capacity continues to be in a state of flux with a number of high-profile arrests having taken place.
Hopefully public pressure will help end this state of flux for these patients who deserve so much better from the national health service.
The centre-back, like a number of his compatriots, has been in a state of flux since the curtain came down on the league campaign, unable to go away for long due to international commitments.
Libya has been in a state of flux since Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.
The decision makers for the petroleum sector in Yemen have been changing, with the country - now of over 25m people - in a state of flux since the Arab Spring of revolutions hit it in February 2011 - and only from early 2014 four ministers have been appointed for this industry.
When you get markets in their current state of flux you've got a general risk-off sort of bias to proceedings, so you've got a slight negative bias towards Brent," said Michael Hewson, senior analyst at CMC Markets.
The bunker industry is in a state of flux, with many ship fuel suppliers and their customers uncertain about how the market will evolve in 2015.
Assure Law's chairman, Mr Stockdale said: "The legal profession has been undergoing sweeping changes and the legal market is in an unprecedented state of flux.
KEVIN O'NEILL has defended Dublin defensive display against Kerry, saying that their state of flux was largely down to the genius of Colm Cooper (above).
But how do you teach a topic where core concepts are in a state of flux, examples and patterns are evolving rapidly and learners expect the entire experience to be fun and rewarding?
The region is in a state of flux perhaps more volatile than it has been since the end of the Ottoman empireand in some cases, the situation is more hopeful than ever.
We expected Chelsea to do the same when Roman Abramovich arrived but he was unwilling to hand Jose Mourinho enough power over transfer policy and the club was plunged into a state of flux.
Yahoo, which has fallen from its once lofty position as an Internet pioneer, has been in a state of flux.
Summary: The state of flux in men's tennis could present Andy Murray with the perfect opportunity in 2012 to end Britain's 76-year wait for a men's grand slam champion, former British No.