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the boundary between two states

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Even this narrow stretch is under threat of conversion into human habitation due to vague inter- state boundary and misuse of the same by unscrupulous elements.
arrangement were statutorily based, state boundary lines could not be
a unit of Oando handling the project, had achieved over 15 km of pipeline construction within the Cross river state boundary.
Depending on the learning process being simulated, the point locations could represent locations along a state boundary or important highways, or independent points representing city locations.
The company was commissioned by TransenergieUS, a division of Hydro-Quebec, and the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, which has operations located on the Shoreham site, to determine land rights on the Long Island side of the project, which stretches from the New York State boundary in the center of Long Island Sound southward to North Country Road in Shoreham.
This history highlights a common situation in which local people incorporate state boundary concepts in order to make claims on resources in a way the state recognizes.
Stan Mallon is facing charges of crossing a state boundary for the purposes of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.
The state boundary map of Alabama used to evaluate the storm tracks was obtained from the NOAA Coastal Services Center (2000).
The State Boundary Commission, which controls boundaries between home rule cities and townships, now is required to attempt to persuade local governmental units to enter into tax-revenue-sharing agreements.
Hunters also need to know the Colorado River is not the state boundary everywhere along it course.
Calls that cross a LATA boundary are always long-distance calls, whether or not they cross a state boundary.
With respect to state boundary lines, one of the most interesting cases involves Tennessee and Kentucky.
And this, of course, corresponds - a point Tilly does not make with sufficient vigor - with the emergence of a qualitatively new organization of capital, the emergence of a truly global economy under the aegis of multinationals that recognize no traditional state boundary.
By Treaty, the international land boundary between the United States and Mexico extends over 1,952 miles, westward from the mouth of the Rio Grande River on the Gulf of Mexico to just upstream of El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Chihuahua, westward along the New Mexico-Chihuahua and Arizona-Sonora state boundaries to the Colorado River, thence along the California-Baja California state boundary to the Pacific Ocean.
Earlier, Union Minister Agatha Sangma and her father, former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangma, called up Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Home Secretary G K Pillai after which five companies - around 600 personnel - were rushed to the state boundary.
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