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evidence for the prosecution in criminal proceedings

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87) The State argued that the defendant "was not entitled to the instruction on the sole basis that the jury might disbelieve some of the state's evidence," (88) and its ability to disbelieve evidence or refuse to draw necessary inferences "does not entitle the defendant to an instruction otherwise unsupported by the evidence.
It also forces another revelation; her father turned state's evidence against the mob for early release, thus jeopardizing their lives.
ADC, which has denied the allegations, requested an administrative court hearing to have the state's evidence against it reviewed.
During Wednesday's arraignment hearing, prosecutor Bill McCauley laid out the state's evidence against Hernandez.
But now the state's evidence is being made a mockery of.
His family denied that he murdered Steenkamp and said the state's evidence "strongly refutes" any possibility of a murder.
If he ran away or "turned state's evidence," he wouldn't have kept faith with those who had committed themselves to his dream of surfacing God's kingdom among them.
No, not immunity from retribution for squealing on Aunt Bea and her high stakes Saturday night poker game, or for giving state's evidence against the mob before disappearing into witness protection.
Eventually, Broussard turned state's evidence, confessed to the shooting and gave statements helping convict Fourth and an associate.
Stewart and his brother David Ian Stewart have both turned state's evidence, receiving a reduced sentence in return for their co-operation with the authorities in the case.
a black teenager bullied into confessing to two grisly murders; Dhoruba bin Wahad, a Black Panther; and Bill Phillips, a crooked cop who turned state's evidence on his cohorts.
However an alleged confession by third suspect Hadjigeorgiou, who has now turned state's evidence in the hope of a deal, did not implicate Proestos in the January 11 murder in Nicosia.
Thus, the State's evidence of motive was conditionally relevant: it was relevant if the jurors inferred, from the circumstances, that Smith was aware of the conflict between his friends and William Hall.
Robert De Niro plays a grizzled bounty hunter who is hoping for a big pay day to sort out his life, and he is sent to find a mob accountant (Charles Grodin) who turned the state's evidence but has now gone on the lam.
Two of his co-defendants, including one who also turned state's evidence, pleaded guilty in the fatal beating of Mr.
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