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evidence for the prosecution in criminal proceedings

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At its May meeting, the board deferred recommendation on changes to the state's evidence code presented by the Code and Rules of Evidence Committee.
It is understood he is providing State's evidence on crimes committed by the UVF gang from the Mount Vernon estate that beat Mr McCord to death and dumped his body in a quarry.
Eventually, Broussard turned state's evidence, confessed to the shooting and gave statements helping convict Fourth and an associate.
html ("The fact that an accomplice turns state's evidence does not guarantee him immunity from trial, unless immunity has been promised him by the authority competent to order his trial .
When a Las Vegas performer-turned-snitch named Buddy Israel decides to turn state's evidence and testify against the mob, it seems that a whole lot of people would like to make sure he's no longer breathing.
Stewart and his brother David Ian Stewart have both turned state's evidence, receiving a reduced sentence in return for their co-operation with the authorities in the case.
a black teenager bullied into confessing to two grisly murders; Dhoruba bin Wahad, a Black Panther; and Bill Phillips, a crooked cop who turned state's evidence on his cohorts.
However an alleged confession by third suspect Hadjigeorgiou, who has now turned state's evidence in the hope of a deal, did not implicate Proestos in the January 11 murder in Nicosia.
In contrast to Mattei, the defendant in Mathews only challenged the adequacy of the state's evidence and investigatory methods, but did not object to the admissibility of the inconclusive DNA test results at trial.
Robert De Niro plays a grizzled bounty hunter who is hoping for a big pay day to sort out his life, and he is sent to find a mob accountant (Charles Grodin) who turned the state's evidence but has now gone on the lam.
Two of his co-defendants, including one who also turned state's evidence, pleaded guilty in the fatal beating of Mr.
As such, given the usual paucity of the state's evidence relating to your client's knowledge that the property was stolen, or how he or she acquired it (as in the original example), and since a one-time pawning by no means meets the requirement of an ongoing criminal trafficking enterprise, it is clear that the DSP trafficking charge should routinely be dismissed.
Detective Al Cowlings: Is it true that Mark Fuhrman planted the guns on your co-defendants who have turned state's evidence to get lighter sentences?
He also turned State's evidence and was put on the witness protection programme and is now living abroad.
In the movie, the student turns state's evidence on his boss because he finally figures out that the foolishness of his blue-collar father and life in humble New Jersey aren't foolish at all.
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