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a prosecuting attorney for a state

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29) According to John Healy, who had served as the Cook County State's Attorney from 1904 until 1907, "the prosecution of felony cases in preliminary hearing in the municipal court of Chicago is mainly in the hands of incompetent and indifferent assistant state's attorneys [italics in original], who know nothing about the facts in the cases and are not prepared to and do not render efficient service.
47) During one trial, the Cook County state's attorney issued a public statement on the topic, warning that his office "does not recognize the unwritten law" and reminding the defendant that "his lawyers would have to present some facts.
51) Relying on such arguments, more 90 percent of white husband killers were exonerated or acquitted, prompting the assistant state's attorney in one trial to warn that "if this jury sets the precedent that any woman who is attacked or is beaten by her husband can shoot him, there won't be many husbands left in Chicago six months from now.
60) In an unusual legal maneuver, State's Attorney Maclay Hoyne rejected the inquest jury's verdict and brought the case to a grand jury and to a criminal court jury.
In the recent elections, Richard Devine, a Democrat, defeated the state's attorney, Jack O'Malley, a Republican.
Following this case, the State's attorney successfully argued for travel restrictions for a second convicted prostitute.
Mindful that Illinois law permits police officers to arrest probationers found violating the conditions of their sentences, the State's attorney immediately provided the Champaign Police Department with written notices of the imposition of the sentences in these cases.
The State's attorney also provided specific direction that these offenders be arrested and brought before the court should they be encountered in the restricted area without the required written travel permit.
If the State's attorney decides to prosecute, the forfeiture court adjudicates the case.
If the State's attorney declines prosecution, AFU personnel enter that information into the database.
AFU personnel also forward all police reports, vehicle registrations, and a notice/inventory of seized property to the State's attorney.
The joint proposal was crafted by SBC Ameritech Illinois, the Illinois Attorney General, the Cook County State's Attorney, the City of Chicago and the Citizens Utility Board.
More has previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and as an Assistant State's Attorney in the Cook County State's Attorney Office.
The firm has four attorneys with SEC experience and more than a dozen former prosecutors and regulators, including former senior United States Justice Department officials, Assistant United States Attorneys, former federal banking regulators, as well as former Assistant State's Attorneys and Public Defenders.
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