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Synonyms for stasis

a stable state characterized by the cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces

Words related to stasis

an abnormal state in which the normal flow of a liquid (such as blood) is slowed or stopped

Related Words

inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces

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As he proceeds chronologically through his textual exhibits, Butler continues to mark the tension between the deterministic appearance of external events that seemed (and seem) to some critics symptomatic of frustrating stasis and the transfiguring of historical conditions in consciousness.
Examples of such forward-looking statements include statements concerning the estimated schedule for the release of data related to RegeneRx's Phase II venous stasis ulcer clinical trial and T4's impact or potential impact on the treatment of dermal wounds, including venous stasis ulcers, the results of future trials involving T4, and the therapeutic potential of T4 for other dermal, ophthalmic and cardiovascular wounds or pulmonary indications, or its use in other pharmaceutical or consumer products.
Willard Hennemann, PhD, Senior VP, Clinical Affairs will review Permaseal and provide a preview of data from the STASIS study during PCR London Valves, September 28[sup.
Although we did not provide a detailed discussion of Virchow's interpretation of "stasis" and "hypercoagulability" in our original piece, it is clear that Virchow did recognize stasis (a marked slowing down of blood flow) as an important precipitant of thrombosis: "The formation of these extended clots [into the inferior vena cava] can also be explained by another cause.
With little more than two weeks to prepare, the company danced those ballets on their summer season's second program, along with Diamond's Stasis and Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux.
But those like Mikulina and Beck, who see human mobility, human ingenuity, human pleasure, human life itself as a form of pollution--those who seek to hold the world in stasis lest human action change it--do pose a fundamental challenge to individual freedom and social progress.
What emerges is a fascinating account of a culture under pressure of rapid change while desirous of consolidatory stasis.
Venous stasis ulcers affect a range of people: patients with a history of thrombophlebitis, women who develop incompetent veins after multiple child births, the patient whose occupation required long periods of standing, or even the wheelchair-bound patient whose feet are kept in a dependent position for extended periods of time.
Skin diseases come in many forms: allergic contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), irritant contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, perioral dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis.
Results of treating venous stasis ulcers of the lower extremity using the ClariVein[R] catheter were delivered March 13 at the 16th European Vascular Course in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
The cube itself, depending on the viewer's position in relation to it, may appear planar or volumetric, and seems to shift from stasis to apparent motion.
When the director's charmingly downmarket ``Stranger Than Paradise'' helped establish the American independent film movement in 1984, Jarmusch instantly became the beatnik king of deadpan cinematic stasis.
Alternating within them between economic and political matters, subsequent chapters deal with the Spanish imperial crisis eventuating in Mexican Independence, the substantial collapse of the regional economy in the fifteen years or so after Independence, the revival of the 183 Os an d 1840s, the political ferment, upward middle-class mobility, and elite stasis of the 1840s and 1850s, the economic downturn and economic realignments of the 1850s and 1860s, and the railroad- and banking-stimulated revival of the "Porfinian boom" from the middle-1870s or so.
One has to do with what looks like an increased use of silence and its kinetic equivalent, stasis.
This pattern, known as coordinated stasis, runs counter to traditional evolutionary theory, in which species evolve on their own.