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Synonyms for starved

suffering from lack of food


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extremely hungry

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Saint Antoine slept, the Defarges slept: even The Vengeance slept with her starved grocer, and the drum was at rest.
On occasion they died, or, when they had become too abjectly spiritless to attack even a rat, were set to work on the tight-rope with the doped starved rats that were too near dead to run away from them.
In about five days' time the vagrants, tired with wandering, and almost starved with hunger, having chiefly lived on turtles' eggs all that while, came back to the grove; and finding my Spaniard, who, as I have said, was the governor, and two more with him, walking by the side of the creek, they came up in a very submissive, humble manner, and begged to be received again into the society.
A COUPLE starved their pet dog so badly its ribs and pelvis were protruding when the RSPCA found her.
In this study starvation cycle (rats were starved for two days and then were fed for one day) was used.
Here, we compared the host-feeding and parasitic behaviors on third-instar nymphs of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) between starved and un-starved (newly-emerged) Encarsia sophia (Girault and Dodd).
For example, fish are commonly starved under feeding restricted regimes to minimize fish mortality during undesirable environmental conditions such as red tides or cold-water masses in the summer (Cho et al.
CHILDREN'S services in the city where Daniel Pelka was tortured and starved to death were yesterday branded "inadequate".
Szlosarek explained that there are a large number of cancers relying on a naturally-occurring protein called arginine that could be starved.
A MOTHER accused of killing her undernourished four-year-old son told detectives it was not her who starved him because "he would starve himself", a court heard.
The Scottish SPCA believe she was starved and locked up for months.
Evidence was read out from vet Karen Davies who said: "It's my opinion after examining the bodies that they starved to death.
It has been alleged that Khyra was kept prisoner in her own home where she was starved to the point where she became so emaciated that she succumbed to an infection.
A SEVEN year old girl died after being starved by her mother and stepfather during months of "calculated" cruelty, a court heard yesterday.
A YOUNG mum who lived on a diet of soup and water starved herself to death, an inquest heard.