startle response

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a complicated involuntary reaction to a sudden unexpected stimulus (especially a loud noise)

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Enoka is the expert who defined startle response, interlimb response and postural disturbance as three main factors in unintentional discharge.
The startle response and accompanying fear could explain many LOC-I accidents.
Can a one-hour session of exposure treatment modulate startle response and reduce spider fears?
To this extent, Sege, Bradley, and Lang (2013) have recently reported weaker emotional modulation of the startle response for cued pictures (preceded by a color signaling the upcoming thematic content), as compared to non-cued scenes.
These findings are relevant to our understanding of functional stability in patients with OT because the central neurological pathways that mediate the acoustic startle response are believed to involve centers within the brainstem that are responsible for postural control.
People who develop ASD could suffer from depression, anxiety, hyper vigilance, exaggerated startle response, invasive thoughts, among others.
Muscle tone was permanently increased, as indicated by tetanus-like erection of the ears and by a violent but brief startle response to the slightest acoustic or tactile stimulation (Figure).
First, the authors provide an evaluation of the use of video demonstration of the habitation of a startle response in a college classroom.
When moths react to the ultrasound produced by bats (Order Chiroptera), this evading behavior can be classified as an acoustic startle response (Hoy et al.
Thus, we have seen so far that the seemingly very ordinary excess that is the nonverbal materiality of voice expresses cognitive association, activates the nervous system in precognitive and corporeal factors such as "gut" reaction, fear, and startle response, and actually helps to expand mental capacity.
Individual experiences include depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilance and an exaggerated startle response," he added.
These changes are usually manifested as the following symptoms: problems falling and staying asleep, inability to concentrate, irritability, hypervigilance, sudden outbursts of anger or upset, and over-exaggerated startle response.
A similar behavioral transfer has been reported in praying mantids (Parasphendale agrionina), which have incorporated an optically/tactilely-induced, terrestrial startle response into their flight repertoire (Yager & May 1990).
The vibrational startle response of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria.
Administering the beta blocker propranolol - usually prescribed for high blood pressure - before making the patients recall the bad memory led to a marked reduction in the startle response.