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Synonyms for startle



Synonyms for startle

to cause to experience a sudden momentary shock

to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

a sudden and involuntary movement

Synonyms for startle

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New observations on the normal startle reflex in man.
All this is involved in modifying the startle reaction at the same point--before motor action.
The abnormal startle reflex is probably related to the lack of inhibition by higher centres.
The researchers concluded that the mirror neuron system is involved in emotional processing since the startle reflex was modulated by primes of emotionally congruent biological motion.
In the study of 63 women with the disorder, those who did not respond to the therapy failed to show improvement in their startle responses, said Dr.
Ritzmann, a Case Western Reserve neurobiologist who studies startle response and works with Beer on this project.
According to David Johnson, general manager at startle online, the company went through an extensive tender process with the leading suppliers before selecting Informix's Media360 media asset management solution.
A startle probe was presented during the cue and during the postcue recovery period as investigators measured the fear-potentiated startle response--increases in electromyographic signals from the eyeblink reflex.
You just do what you can to startle them and be on your way.
Psychopaths show decreased startle responses compared with nonpsychopaths when viewing aversive photographs, Edward M.
Some psychologists believe that the startle reaction, which has been examined by numerous researchers since 1939, lies at the far end of the emotion of surprise and provides a good model for the study of other emotions.
Ironically, some information systems may distract and startle drivers, making driving less safe.
recently studied the effect of a small alcohol dose on attention and orienting during various startle paradigms.