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Synonyms for starting

a turn to be a starter (in a game at the beginning)


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(especially of eyes) bulging or protruding as with fear

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appropriate to the beginning or start of an event

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References in classic literature ?
Still, this don't look much like starting the story of the Diamond--does it?
I almost thought he would sink the ship before the anchor could be got up; involuntarily I paused on my handspike, and told Queequeg to do the same, thinking of the perils we both ran, in starting on the voyage with such a devil for a pilot.
He meant trouble that might be developed in going to Honduras, and starting the search for the lost city and the idol of gold.
When the bank on the other side of the draw began to throw a narrow shelf of shadow, we knew we ought to be starting homeward; the chill came on quickly when the sun got low, and Antonia's dress was thin.
When we had finished our prayers and viewed the spectacle, we turned in the direction of the city; and at that instant Polemarchus the son of Cephalus chanced to catch sight of us from a distance as we were starting on our way home, and told his servant to run and bid us wait for him.
Then he spoke to Cathcart about starting work, and Cathcart was a perfect beast.
My words seemed to cheer them both, and they were for starting off at once in pursuit.
The umpire who was starting them, Colonel Sestrin, was beginning to lose his temper, when at last for the fourth time he shouted "Away
There is a proper season for making attacks with fire, and special days for starting a conflagration.
One of my two brothers is already abroad, the other is with the Guards, who are starting on their march to the frontier.
I kept away from the coach till the fresh horses were on the point of starting, for I was afraid to let Alicia see my face, after making that fatal discovery.