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For Arlington's Lizzie Allen, the benefits of her school's new starting time are already paying off.
Influenced by sleep studies, Minneapolis changed its high schools' starting times from 7:15 to 8:40 five years ago.
Surprisingly, none of the interviewees suggested that a change in school starting time - especially at the high school level - would be out of the question.
And without thorough discussion of the issues surrounding a proposed change in school starting time, any decision will be shallow and may have to be revisited.
Preliminary results of the CAREI study suggest that changes in school starting time can and do have a profound effect on families.
Mojave High School students were polled, and more than 65 percent said they did not want the starting time changed.
Lewis said the trustees also will discuss starting times at the district's two middle schools.
MOJAVE - Citing studies that show teen-agers do better at their school work later in the day, Mojave school trustees are thinking of changing the starting times at the middle schools and high school.
Rising before dawn - either to make a phone reservation for a weekend starting time or to arrive at the course early enough to get one of the top spots on the waiting list - is another option.
Since its inception dozens of school districts in 43 states have pushed back school starting times.
According to Sport24, Cricket South Africa has brought forward the starting times for the two matches to 13:30 (CAT) from 14:30, and the board has said that they have done so as they are aware that most schools will have gone on holiday by this time and many parents might also be on leave when the series starts.
The multi-module protocol software provides flexibility by enabling users to run a different protocol on each module, and each module can run simultaneously or with different starting times.
Cable operators can offer the same programming on a variety of channels with staggered starting times, typically at 15 minute intervals.
night game starting times seem odd, there's something behind it.
McCallister and Sullivan both drew alleged more-favorable morning starting times and both finished 7-over-par 78.