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a signal to begin (as in a race)


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After the starting signal, via a short drive of flexion--extension carried arms, they rushes forward and overhead.
In the light of these considerations, this study has a twofold aim: (i) to compare the EMG of upper and lower limb muscles between variants with hands positioned horizontally or vertically on the starting handgrips from the starting signal to the water immersion, supported by angular kinematic and temporal data and (ii) to compare the EMG of each muscle between start phases for each variant.
This is the starting signal for the profit focused alignment of our portfolio and the steps required in this context.
Main arteries along the seafront and in the capital have been closed to traffic to make way for the runners with Wafa Sleiman giving the starting signal.
Nothing at all," I said as I closed the doors and gave the starting signal.
Every race begins in total silence, but as soon as the starting signal is sounded, the roof is raised with the shouts and cheers of everyone in the swimming pool.
The starting signal for construction of the 48 wind turbines was given in late 2011; the site is located 30 km north of the island of Helgoland.
SLS AMG, which they said is the first customer sports car in Mercedes Benz history is based on AMG's own first development -- the SLS AMG, a milestone and the starting signal for a new era in customer sports.
The noise from the cheering crowds and buzz of the starting signal reverberate off the walls of the U.
Saudi "King of Humanity" Balloon flown over the sky of Moscow here today within the 13th Russia's Festival and Open International Cup in taking place in Russia along participants from Russia and other European countries bearing the Championship's flag and starting signal according to the choice by the organizing committee in addition to the balloon's carrying of Saudi Arabia's noble message of reaching out to the peoples of the world to serve humanity.
New Delhi, May 13 -- In a ceremony attended by Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme and Minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region Charles Picque, the official starting signal for production of the Audi A1 was given by Professor Dr.
Later on the Governor formally inaugurated the Race by waving the starting signal.
jump the gun 1 : to start in a race before the starting signal 2 : to do something before the proper time
Summary: On November 30, 2008, the starting signal will again sound to kick off a new edition of the yearly BLOM Beirut International Marathon.
After the success of that gadget play in the Rose Bowl, why wouldn't Garrett Green now be the Huckabee-like candidate in the campaign to be the Trojans starting signal caller of '08?