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an electric motor for starting an engine

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Defence barrister Harry Baker put it to Mr Enea that if there had been a significant oil leak the starting motor would not have been designed to work dripping with oil, and he agreed.
Tenders are invited for Bush For Nose Housing For Starting Motor Delco 95201096X Remy P/N 1894635 Or Similar
Tenders are invited for supply of air starting motor at wrpl, vadinar
Tenders are invited for supply of spare air starting motor and its spares.
95 KW, 1000A/24V DELCO REMY Make or equivalent self starting motor for stage I & II Diesel Generator set rating of 312.
Tenders are invited for supply of self starting motor for 625kva & 725kva dg sets.
Starting motors of this size often causes momentary voltage drops that can shut the pipeline down and can cause power disturbances for other customers connected to the local power grid.
It can deliver 3 kilowatts cleanly, efficiently, and continuously, and many more kilowatts on peaks as needed for starting motors in appliances, the well, and the furnace.
Those synchronous motors are not capable of starting themselves, and must be brought up to operating speed by the two starting motors.
Because the old testing method involved starting motors across the line, potentially high levels of current and very high levels of voltage were created.
One advantage of hydropower over solar --besides the 10:1 cost ratio--is that the battery bank need only be large enough to provide peak loads for starting motors, as well as to meet operating loads that exceed the alternator's capacity.
signs a multi-year contract with GM to supply starting motors.
announced a preliminary agreement to enter into a joint venture to purchase businesses that currently are part of GM's Delco Remy Division, which makes starting motors and generators.
Each community has its own power generation facility and most of these generating stations utilize battery-driven electric starting motors to start the diesel engines.