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a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game

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Chepchumba will fight for starting line up in the left attacking position alongside Evelyne Makuto (captain), Mercy Moim, Yvonne Wavinya, Joan Ngeiwo and Sharon Chepchumba.
The Starting Line carried that thinking through three full-length albums that covered the band's development from awkward and curious teens in Philadelphia finding their way up to the confident musings of "Direction" released last year.
This month's topic is concussions, so if you danced a little too hard at the Starting Line, you might want to scoot over to Cozmic the next day and learn about that bump on your head.
Variations of this drill include shuffles, backward runs, and crossover runs back to the starting line.
The chairman of the Christian-based Starting Line is ex-White House aide Charles Colson, who served President Nixon and was caught up in the infamous Watergate affair.
NEW YORK New Line's long-aborning remake of the 1939 film "The Women" is moving closer to the starting line, with "An Ideal Husband" helmer Oliver Parker in talks to direct the comedy that is still expected to star its producers, Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.
Later I watched as some 30 sailing ships made their stately way down the harbour to the starting line of this year's Tall Ships race--a beautiful sight against the backdrop of Kowloon's buildings and the Chinese mountains.
Run from the starting line to another line 30 feet way twice, grab a small block and run with it back to the starting line.
If you call your event "ECO-Challenge," the last thing you want is bands of environmentalists waving angry, in-your-face placards for the TV cameras at the starting line.
The opportunity for our clients to optimize logistics operation, maximize vehicle and fleet utilization, increase workforce productivity, reduce expenditures and streamline communications will now extend beyond the fleet operations and penetrate every aspect of their business from the starting line of the supply chain to their customer's door.
With thousands arriving in Newcastle from all corners of the world, as well as their families and friends, the weekend of the Great North Run requires military precision to navigate successfully, from getting to the starting line on time, to knowing where to leave your bags and where to assemble before the race starts.
Hopefully not, as The Starting Line is one of the great pop bands from Warped Tour Nation.
The race announcer did not immediately declare a winner because 22 out of the 23 robots left the starting line at staggered times at dawn, racing against the clock rather than each other.
I've reached the finishing line in 5 marathons, and stood on the starting line of 7.