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crank used to start an engine


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Unfortunately it didn''t have a starting handle, but it did have other little gadgets like bluetooth and a nice little camera that shows you when you're reversing - oh, and I liked the colour
I have had more than 20 years' driving experience as a commercial traveller and on scores of occasions a starting handle has got me out of difficulty.
In this shot on the left, a driver turns a starting handle outside Rhyl railway station also in 1913.
In an age where the Osbournes and the Beckhams are the new high society, this musical seems about as relevant to the modern day as a car with a starting handle.
If the wires around the starting handle dangle, they can be ripped right out when you jerk the handle out.
The problem was that this particular Minx hated cold starts and had to be cranked with a back-breaking starting handle when the temperature dropped.
Clive Bennett, chief executive, DVLA : Trying to unblock an exhaust pipe filled with earth using a starting handle - and finding I was being watched by a police patrol who thought I was starting the car at the wrong end Sandy Blair, director, WLGA :
Cars held bad vibes for Duncan for her two illegitimate children by Paris Singer, the sewing machine millionaire, had been drowned in the Seine in 1913 when a Renault rolled downhill into the river while the chauffeur was fiddling with the starting handle.
By now, you've got a starting handle on why and how you might put the Internet to work for your company.
Back in the 1960s motoring was much more of an adventure with drivers packing a tow-rope, jump leads, a shovel and a starting handle to crank the engine if it died and hoped that, if they did break down, the walk to the nearest telephone kiosk would not be more than a few miles.
The jalopy had a Liverpool LV registration and an opening in the radiator for the starting handle.
Would he still have us waiting for the valves to warm up before we could see a hazy image on our 12-inch televisions; carrying a brick-sized, hardly mobile telephone around, holding it aloft trying to find a signal; swinging a starting handle to start our car and pressing button 'B' in a telephone kiosk hoping for the change that never came?