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a movable barrier on the starting line of a race course

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The Starting Gate in Redcar proved especially popular this year.
The 12 foot-long metal tubes, filled with darts laced with a chemical, were concealed in the grass near where the starting gates were due to be placed.
This track was 200 yards longer than the original; surrounded by metal railings; and equipped with a new starting gate, loudspeakers, and an announcer's platform.
As the only online search engine for SEC filings, we knew that traffic would be very heavy right out of the starting gate.
Indeed, while business-to-business commerce and financial electronic data interchange have taken off to some degree, on-line retail commerce, particularly for microtransactions, has been slow out of the starting gate - despite last year's furious hype.
This is the first time that minorities, particularly African Americans, have had a chance to be at the starting gate with their white counterparts," says Larry Irving, administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
It's so unpredictable - one duck will set off at a blistering waddle as soon as the starting gate goes up.
When the other horses bolted from the starting gate, Sylvester brought his horse to a halt.
Clarendon Hotel also secured a comfortable win at York Nomads, winning 3-0, while Starting Gate beat Redcar League rivals West Two 5-4 on penalties after the sides shared four goals in normal time.
But it was all over before he had even reached the starting gate for the second last race.
Louis, 32, has been out of action since a freak incident in Poland when he was felled by a piece of starting gate equipment.
By contrast, video search is still at the starting gate, with no defined market leaders.
Results League: Black Swan 4 (Thompson 2, Reeve, Combellack) Clarendon Hotel 7 (Benoram 3, Bennett 2, Banks, Preston); Grangetown 10 (Pickles 3, Harland 3, Moores 2, Taylor, Pugh) Middlesbrough & Teesside Sports Academy 2 (Caddick, Foster); Lakes United 2 (Hammond, McInnes) Starting Gate 4; Marske Cricket Club 2 (Al-Dick, Liddle) Pig & Whistle 1; Redcar Rugby Club 7 (Brockbank 3, Tomlinson 2, Curry, og) Britannia Inn 1 (og); The Stockton 2 Cleveland Bay 4 (Maltby 2, Hudson, og); West Two 4 (Tullock 2, Hodgson, Wood) Cleveland Hotel 2 (Huntley 2).
The gelding who began his career as a candidate for the 2005 Kentucky Derby had lost 16 races in a row as he walked into the starting gate for the Classic, the main event of the Cal Cup's annual program showcasing state-bred horses.