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unrealistically or naively optimistic

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New Delhi [India] Feb 10 ( ANI ): Valentine's Day, arguably the most starry-eyed day of the year, is round the corner.
00s 2003 Scores of starry-eyed children have been trying for a taste of showbiz success.
SANDY LYLE was a starry-eyed kid the first time he went to Lytham in 1969 and almost came home with Tony Jacklin's Open Championship-winning ball.
On the low-slumpecl and starry-eyed "Blow My High (Members Only)," Lamar halfway appropriates the beat from Aaliyah's 1997 ballad, % Page Letter.
TheDailyReview STARRY EYED: Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance STARRY-EYED youngsters have been putting on a show to raise money for charity.
STARRY-EYED students gazed at the moon through a telescope one clear night.
Deborah Whitney of Shady Flat: A Dauntless Girl of the Golden West" is the story of a starry-eyed daughter of gold rush pioneers.
Signed to Virgin Records, Alessi's starry-eyed, psyche-folk is sure to win her many new fans during her hotly anticipated show.
One such gift from the gods is the 'biodynamic' new effort from starry-eyed sauce peddlers Organico Realfoods, which takes into account the "celestial impact on crops" of the "lunar period" during which its tomatoes were born.
17) Pierce Brosnan, we still love ya, but we're starry-eyed over the new Bond, Daniel Craig (it doesn't hurt that he canoodled with Truman Capote in Infamous).
Let's start at the beginning with all those thousands of starry-eyed young hopefuls who flock to local studios all over the nation hoping to live out the dancing dream.
GRIFFITH PARK -- Starry-eyed, Mariela Ruiz enjoyed the fulfillment of her ninth birthday wish Friday and stared at an exhibit of meteorite origins at the Griffith Observatory.
The starry-eyed gas taxers were politically immolated by free-market zealots who resisted any tinkering with the mysterious machinations of the all-powerful, all-seeing eye of holy commerce.
GCS's Rosner charges into the fray with starry-eyed Stephanopoulos-like rapture, convinced that Goni is Bolivia's last best chance for a sensible, free-trade-compatible democracy.
Don't get all starry-eyed and philosophical with me, asshole.