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Synonyms for starkness

the quality of being complete or utter or extreme

an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation


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The starkness also serves to heighten the impact of some stunning aerial effects, not least from Ariel.
But the star of the show is undoubtedly the great Big Buck's, whose towering talent is underpinned by the starkness of statistics that transcend any damn lies.
The WEF report says there is a sense of receding hope for future prospects on an unprecedented scale around the world, adding that discontent is being exacerbated by the starkness of income disparities.
The starkness in terms of wealth--by which I mean literal, educational, social, etc.
Much of Perejaume's work merges his Romantic and mystic vision with the starkness of elemental ideas in a duality that echoes others, like purity and artifice or narration and abstraction.
Again, Desjardins stood out, extracting a luscious quality from the starkness of the movement.
Passions Of A Different Kind contrasts that starkness with a huge guitar-driven punch.
You can't get away from the starkness of the buildings, which are not pretty.
draping starkness, these pulled curtains, everywhere.
View here the austere starkness of three tall white vases with linear decoration.
In the chapter on boat people picked up by the US Coast Guard the starkness of the photos belie the captions intending to show the humanity of the Americans.
Gregory, author of the award-winning Jenny of the Tetons, takes readers on a colorful journey through history, depicting both the beauty and starkness of the old west.
Toufoula helps alleviate the starkness of treatment hours by creating "Dream Rooms" for the young patients.
As you can tell from the quoted sentence above, despite the starkness of its title, The.
Cheery light blue striped wallpaper offsets the starkness of the white and multi-level balconies add a multi-layered dimension.