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foodstuff rich in natural starch (especially potatoes, rice, bread)

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Oxidized starches were prepared from seven starches and analyzed for gelatinization and pasting properties.
Examples of such compounds are phosphorus oxychloride, epichlorohydrin and sodium trimetaphosphate used mostly for food grade cross-linked starches (Radley, 1976).
This timely Clean Label Starches Report is a combination of three separate groups of starches - Physically Modified, Enzyme Modified and the CWS starches.
Morphological characteristics: Morphology of native and modified starches was studied by using scanning electron microscope (JSM 6380A, Jeol Japan).
With over 200 million MT of world cassava root production, cassava starch contributes less than 8 % of the world starch production compared to starches derived from most other plants.
Ulrick & Short has now proven the success of its highly functional rice starches in various applications, adding yet another crop to the range complimenting the functions and textures available from wheat, tapioca and waxy maize.
Product coverage: Glucose, Fructose Other Syrups, Starches and Maize.
Specialist ingredients company Penford Corporation (NASDAQ:PENX) revealed on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of the businesses operated by Carolina Starches LLC and a related entity, Keystone Starches LLC, for an undisclosed value.
Nineteen international university-, laboratory-, government-, and industry-based researchers contribute ten chapters providing an up-to-date overview of trends and advances in the production and applications of starches in the food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemical, agricultural, and plastics industries when used as a substitute for synthetic polymers.
Offering all the processing benefits of traditional modified starches, Novation functional native starches enable manufacturers to develop clean label products without compromising quality.
Neil Grimwood, rice president of strategy for National Starch, says the partnership "opens the doors to the North American biopolymers marketplace and will enhance the use of starches to create sustainable plastic alternatives.
Such modification can be used to tailor starches to a particular process (Hermansson and Svegmark, 1996).
As the crystalline structure of starches became better understood, the characteristic of certain fractions of high-amylose starch was redefined as "resistant.