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Antonyms for starboard

the right side of a ship or aircraft to someone who is aboard and facing the bow or nose

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located on the right side of a ship or aircraft

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The quartet of hotels will remain as Ibis Styles venues and be operated by Starboard under franchise from Accor.
Starboard Commercial Real Estate is the largest independently owned commercial real estate company in San Francisco, California.
Pharmaceutical company Perrigo Company plc (NYSE:PRGO) reported on Tuesday the launch of an agreement to reconstitute its board of directors and certain customary standstill restrictions with Starboard Value LP, which owns approximately 6.
Tensions have been growing between Starboard and Yahoo in recent weeks.
Starboard says getting rid of the rule would save radio owners money in terms of staffing and equipment, not to mention operating expenses incurred with a second site like rent, taxes and utilities.
Starboard is seeking at least four board representatives to gain control of Yahoo's seven-member board, the people said this week.
Yahoo is no stranger to threats from Starboard - the investor
Starboard UK will supply all of Surf Snowdonia's SUP kit, including hard and soft boards, carbon paddles, accessories as well as specialist SUP training sessions through Surf Snowdonia's Surf Academy.
The best way to maximize value for Staples' shareholders is through exploring and completing a business combination with Office Depot,'' Starboard CEO Jeffrey C.
Now came the moment of truth: as I placed the condition lever to "Run," and toggled the switch to start the starboard engine, we received a starter-control indication, right bleed air advisory light, fuel flow and light off, but no rpm indication.
The port mainmount and nose landing gear came up-and-locked and indicated so on the integrated position indicator (IPI), but the starboard landing gear indicated a barber pole in the IPI window.
Starboard Value LP sued the office supply retailer on Thursday in Delaware's Court of Chancery, accusing it of not holding a shareholder meeting for 13 months.
Wausau Paper (NYSE:WPP) today announced it has reached an agreement with Starboard Value LP and its affiliates regarding the composition of the company's Board of Directors.
Among them: unique sliding doors port and starboard (nice for docking or diving), and a reverse windshield with cored hardtop to keep out sun and spray, while optimizing ventilation.
I have only been through a B-17 twice, and have never flown on one, but I know that the only "door" is the crew entrance on the rear of the fuselage's starboard side, aft of the right waist-gun position.