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shaped like a star


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With the Stardust, we have taken a market umbrella and reinvented it into a more cutting edge, contemporary star-shaped shade alternative," said Candy Chase, national sales manager, Treasure Garden.
The prototype of the new product contains natural gum, silver particles, date paste, honey and vitamin C - all wrapped up in a shimmering star-shaped silver package.
1 STAR anise is, literally, a star-shaped brown pod.
The DSWD, through the "Wish upon a Star Project," granted the wishes of the children that were written on star-shaped pieces of paper during their Christmas party in December dubbed "Pasko na Tacloban, Magrisyo Kita (It's Christmas Tacloban, Be Happy).
Using a high-speed camera to capture the instant of collision, the researchers broke more than 100 plates and then counted the cracks that extended outward in a star-shaped pattern from the point of impact.
The Ohrid trout differs from the river trout by its flat body, little head and star-shaped grey freckles.
bifolia, which produces loose sprays of star-shaped blue to purple-blue flowers in early spring and will increase rapidly, and S.
Almost 100 mourners carried star-shaped balloons from Rhyl fire station to Prestatyn's Nova Centre, before releasing them into the night.
Two were star-shaped and called Mons Stars, the other six were round and featured the surnames Barks and Whittle.
New products in the Christmas line-up, rolling out now, include handy packs of Sparkly Stars star-shaped sour-coated treats.
The company plans another special edition cover featuring a 43-faceted star-shaped diamond.
The highly artistic masterpiece cut into a star-shaped solitaire is the epitome of eternal beauty and now the crowning glory of the 950 platinum ring "Montblanc Solitaire" of the Montblanc Diamond Jewellery Collection "La Dame Blanche".
n)](x) [greater than or equal to] 0 for x [member of] I and n [greater than or equal to] 0, a function f(x) is said to be star-shaped on (0, [infinity]) if f([alpha]x) [less than or equal to] [alpha]f(x) for x [member of] (0, [infinity]) if f(x + y) [greater than or equal to] f(x) + f(y) for all x, y > 0, and a function f is said to be subadditive if -f is superadditive.
The attraction will consist of 20 star-shaped plaques each with a showband name.
The second set of drawings reproduces the nine star-shaped compartments of another garden.