star shell

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an artillery shell containing an illuminant

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EVERY week Big Brother 5 star Shell Jubin will reveal her verdict on the housemates - and the bookies' odds on their chances of winning.
Big Brother 5 star Shell Jubin, right, knows just how vulnerable young people, especially girls, can be under the influence of drink - but she also knows how to have a good time without getting herself into a state.
Cheering Cameron on will be fellow Big Brother star Shell Jubin.
SEXY Scots Big Brother star Shell Jubin is shunning racy lingerie photo-shoots to go upmarket.
STUNNING Big Brother star Shell Jubin revealed she nearly dozed off as she waited to collect her university degree.
THE HARSH REALITY: Big; Brother star Shell knows the damage that domestic abuse can do, having witnessed it in her family
BIG Brother star Shell Jubin beams with pride as she graduates yesterday.
BIG Brother star Shell Jubin's funky fringe is top of the chops, according to Britain's leading hairdressers.
During the attack, our artillery fired star shells which illuminated the whole area in front of us and we were able to engage the enemy with accurate fire.
Star shells by the dozen and flashings and bangs of bursting shells.
Locals reported seeing star shells fired by the Indian Army.