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evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides

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In a new study, researchers found that the pulp juice and seed of African star apple contain chemical substances that can protect from developing malaria and so its consumption should be encouraged especially in pregnancy.
Star apple fruits have become the Viet Nams fifth fruit exported to the U.
Arriving the day before the event and going to market early that morning, Roca astounded with a dish he said was Philippine-made, using the pulp of cocoa poached with prawns in a sauce that had star apple, chico, coconut milk and chili.
In the rest of the yard, designed by the team at Star Apple Edible Gardens of Berkeley, orange blooms of 'The Third Harmonic' alstroemeria echo the persimmon foliage's sunny hues, while silvery green euphorbia, purple iris, lavender, and dark phormium add a cool contrast.
With the implementation of this initiative we expect to recover planting material of fruit species used and experienced in the area that have outperformed by producers who have implemented the planting of 80,000 fruit trees of the following species are expected: mango , cashew nuts, sapodilla, sapodilla, soursop, star apple, cas, guava, citrus, avocado tall and more than 10,000 timber.
Tree species planted are: Breadfruit,Irvigia gabonensis, African star apple, Pear ,Bush Mango, Camwood , Orange, Pawpaw , kola nut, Bitter cola, etc, Trees will also be planted in homesteads, farmlands, along the road sides, in the local school compounds and at the market place for shade.
Anaclito Abing, head of the village of Kisante, said the victim, a 57yearold woman, was harvesting star apple in her farm when a king cobra, locally known as banakon, struck causing her death.
Fruits in this category are grapes, avocado, sapota, bread fruit, egg fruit, jack fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, pitahaya, pineapple and star apple.
fruits: Mangoes, Star apples, Guavas, Soursop, Plums, Paw-paw and
He pointed out an immense variety of tropical vegetables and fruits, including star apples, rose apples, Ethiopian apples, tamarind, which tastes like apricot candy, and gunga peas (actually a bean and a Jamaican staple).
George-Dill recommends that Dominica look at switching to breadfruit, "fwaise" (mountain raspberry), mangoes, avocados, star apples, mangosteen and other native plant species that grow abundantly, could sell easily in foreign markets and are less harmful to the island's ecology.
We also liked their tanglad cold drink, hot peppermint tea and assorted desserts including star apples (from their own trees) and ginatang bilo-bilo.
We lost our homes, our things, our trees such as tamarind, star apples, atis (custard apples) and tisa fruit.
As for her diet, Karylle usually snacks on fruits such as mango, star apples, and apples before eating big meals.