star apple

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evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides

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Although wine produced from star apple has been reported [21], most of the apple wines found in the Nigerian markets are made from temperate apple fruits such as Eugenia owariensis and imported into the country.
Photographed on location at Montego Bay, Jamaica, where we stayed at Star Apple House (07899843989 for reservations), or visit www.
CHARLIE says the first star apple today will be number 618, Oyster Catcher, but she only fetches just over $2 million despite having the most fantastic legs.
Tree species planted are: Breadfruit,Irvigia gabonensis, African star apple, Pear ,Bush Mango, Camwood , Orange, Pawpaw , kola nut, Bitter cola, etc, Trees will also be planted in homesteads, farmlands, along the road sides, in the local school compounds and at the market place for shade.
Fruits in this category are grapes, avocado, sapota, bread fruit, egg fruit, jack fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, pitahaya, pineapple and star apple.
fruits: Mangoes, Star apples, Guavas, Soursop, Plums, Paw-paw and