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a hand-held machine for driving staples home

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A wiry man with a long face and unruly long hair he pulls back in a ponytail, he carried his props on stage in a plain black suitcase, and executed his tricks using just a table, two chairs, a deck of cards and a set of staple guns.
The TacMate stapler is unique in its class: a smaller-sized, professional multi-use tool with power equivalent to large, professional staple guns.
alexillustrator: Everyone reloads their staple gun with the methodical precision and confidence of the assassin assembling his rifle, right?
Tools, staple gun and ammo are convenient in the top section.
In that yard, we see a guy who, in an attempt to cover his horrible-looking grass, has rolled out synthetic turf and is on his knees with a staple gun stapling it down.
For your wall, you'll need a roll of matting, lattice strips (enough to span the width of the wall twice), a staple gun, masonry anchors, screws, and finish washers.
When the laptop connected to the device indicates which number to use, the PLC reads it and makes the move, a rather attention-getting turn that sounds like a large staple gun hard at work.
The Takker is a simple device, similar to a staple gun, which inserts a tiny but remarkably strong nail into walls made from plaster board, wood, fencing, and concrete block.
Staple the fabric in place with an electric staple gun, pulling it taught around the sides and stapling it at the back.
WHAT YOU NEED * unfinished side table * fabric * two grass skirts * staple gun * silk flowers * hot-glue gun * scissors
Ensuring the fabric is straight if it has a pattern, pull it tightly down over one edge and staple it in place, preferably with an electric staple gun, which makes stapling easier and helps you to get the fabric really taut.
With his adult son and daughter present, 44-year-old Mr Waters was beaten, whipped, burned and attacked with a staple gun.
They illustrate the discussion with the stories of nearly 50 of the most successful products ever launched-"blockbusters" that include Colgate's Total toothpaste, the Iomega Zip Drive, the Handspring Visor, the PowerShot staple gun, the Polycom SoundStation conference phone, the Apple IIe computer, and others.
Initial joint assembly with an operator holding the staple gun and locating the staple manually showed a large percentage of the staple legs protruding through the face veneers of the fastening member when staples were driven in at the crown orientation parallel to the thickness direction of the fastening member.
When their ex-con brother, Bo (Russell Dykstra), gets ruffled, he binges on pills with his motorcycle gang buddies and punches holes in his head with a staple gun.