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of or relating to or containing tin


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Past work has shown that stannous octoate localizes at the interface of PE/PLA blends despite having a solubility parameter close to that of PLA (20.
Fluoride in toothpaste came from 3 compounds (as permitted by the FDA): sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP), sodium fluoride (NaF) and stannous fluoride (Sn[F.
A 24-hour dental plaque prevention study with a stannous fluoride dentifrice containing hexametaphosphate.
Avoid products with ingredient names that you can't pronounce or identify such as such as titanium dioxide, stannous chloride, and sodium metavanadate, common ingredients in drugstore supplements.
Step 1 is a toothpaste that delivers stannous fluoride, uniquely formulated to help inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis.
In an independent evaluation, uncured thermoset compositions were made with rubber, paraffinic oil (100 phr total, including oil in the starting polymer), phenolic resin (7 phr), zinc oxide and stannous chloride.
Lactic and glycolic acid were mixed in equal proportions in a 150 mL beaker; trace amounts of 700 [micro]M mercury and stannous chloride were added to the beaker; the beaker was heated at high power in a microwave for 3 cycles of 4 minutes each.
New Enamelon[R] Preventive Treatment Gel (970 ppm F) from Premier Dental combines stabilized stannous fluoride with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) technology, the company says.
Technetium-99m DTPA was freshly formu- lated using a commercially available freeze-dried stannous DTPA kit (produced by IPD PINSTECH Islamabad).
99 AS WELL as being a good all-rounder, this Oral-B toothpaste's specifically designed to reduce and help prevent gum problems in just four weeks, thanks to the Stannous content which kills bacteria.
His pieces are finished in crater glaze, fuming with stannous chloride and textural glazes such as dry shino and shino crawl glazes.
Oral-B Pro Expert, a new range of toothpastes containing stannous fluoride, is clinically proven to protect against gum problems, plaque buildup, bad breath, sensitivity and cavities.
Chikte UM, pochee E, Rudolph M J (1991):Evaluation of stannous fluoride and chlorohexidine sprays on plaque and gingivitis in handicapped children.
Ring-opening polymerization of the poly(D-lactide)was performed in bulk at 180[degrees]C for one hour using stannous octoate and 1-octanol as polymerization catalyst and initiator, respectively.
Fluoride such as stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride and fluoride iontophoresis, glass ionomers resins, cyanoacrylates and corticosteroids.