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a dark grey mineral with a metallic luster that is a source of tin


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They suggest that mixed smelting of stannite, fahlore and chalcopyrite produced compositionally variable copper-tin alloys c.
They form three compositional groups: stannite bronze, high-tin fahlore bronze and low-tin fahlore bronze.
The smelting of stannite for early tin bronze artefacts has already been hypothesised by Charles (1978) and Wertime (1978).
Recent research has also demonstrated that tin-bronze may have been made from rare copper and tin bearing ores such as stannite ([Cu.
Copper ores associated with acid volcanic rocks have slightly enhanced tin values, but the tin is not carried as cassiterite; rather it is present as very fine-grained stannite or, more often, is locked into the iron-copper sulfides.
If the tin minerals are a mixture of stannite and cassiterite, or are just cassiterite, the resulting placer is poorer, the same, or, more commonly, richer than the primary ore.