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a dark grey mineral with a metallic luster that is a source of tin


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andorite), the silver ore minerals may have been franckeite and stannite (both of which commonly bear a few tenths of a percent silver), and sphalerite with micro-inclusions of tetrahedrite.
Gordon (1944) described andorite in small, brilliantly metallic, striated, prismatic steel-gray crystals to 1 mm, all covered by wavellite, with stannite and pyrite on quartz.
Flat, striated, compound andorite blades to 9 cm, metallic gray and medium-lustrous, are decorated with nests of small, brilliant black, iridescent needle crystals of zinkenite; other associated species, in microcrystals, include stannite and pyrite.
Fine specimens containing sharply formed stannite and bornite crystals occur locally.
In 2001 and 2002 a few black crystals measuring about 1 cm and showing a greenish coating were recovered and were thought to be the species "pandaite," but soon it turned out that these in fact are extraordinarily large crystals of kesterite, a copper and zinc sulfide related to stannite.
Some of the minerals, including ferberite, arsenopyrite, stannite and fluorite, are found in quartz veins, while others, including scheelite, chalcopyrite and bismuthinite, are found in the skarn.
Contribution to the Knowledge of Bolivian Mineralogy - III, Stannite.
Associated minerals are: (dominant) miargyrite; (less frequent) pyrargyrite, stannite and kesterite; (trace) andorite, diaphorite, robinsonite, galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrite.
Phenomenal specimens of Llallagua purple fluorapatite, wavellite, stannite and the rarer tin sulfosalts, pyrrhotite.
Associated minerals are: quartz, pyrite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and stannite.
Animas-Chocaya See Chocaya, Oploca 1, Siete Suyos, Animas, Chocaya Grande Antequera (also Cassiterite (needle tin), called El Salvador, greenockite, pavonite, Bolivar) sphalerite, stannite, teallite, wurtzite, zinkenite; see Venus, Cerro Chunchu Antofagasta Stibnite with interstitial gold Araca See Viloco Ascension Azurite, barite, cerussite, hemimorphite, minium, scheelite, siderite, smithsonite Asiento See Quioma Asiento de Araca See Rosario 1 Asunta Franckeite, greenockite, stannite Atocha Minerals said to be from Atocha are actually from the Atocha- Quechisla district.
Next, consider Brian's excellent specimens of the familiar sulfosalt species from the San Jose mine, Oruro Department: unusually lustrous black franckeite in intergrown shaggy spherical aggregates to 7 cm; four fine thumbnails of andorite in thin, metallic gray dull-lustered loose aggregate s; and perhaps 50 specimens of stannite crystals in those tight little spheres we have seen before, but these overlaid heavily by unusually brilliant zinkenite needles.
Stannite has been identified as an accessory mineral in the sulfide suite at the Nikolaevskiy mine.