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any of various orchids of the genus Stanhopea having a single large leaf and loose racemes of large fragrant flowers of various colors

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Efecto de los compuestos organicos en la propagacion in vitro de Stanhopea tigrina Bateman (Orchidiaceae).
Estos caracteres han sido considerados atributos indicadores de xeromorfia en otras especies de Orchidaceae, tales como Encylia aclamaria, Miltonia flavescens, Stanhopea lietzi y Vanda tricolor (Olivera y Sajo, 1999), Cattleya (Zanenga-Godoy y Goncalves--Costa, 2003; Da Silva y Milaneze-Gutierre, 2004).
Beautiful displays of pleurothallids, oncidium, phragmipedium, stanhopea, as well as the endangered Cattleya skinneri and Cattleya downiana, are surrounded by tropical forest that sprang naturally from former pasture.
A similar degree of evolutionary lability has also been suggested for the orchid genus Stanhopea (Dodson 1962; Dressler 1981).
There are currently 19 orchid collections ranging from a National Collection of Anguloa, Lycaste and Ida to a collection of Stanhopea (http://www.
Esta última condição foi, também, constatada nos pseudobulbos de Catasetum fimbriatum, Stanhopea lietzei (Oliveira e Sajo, 2001) e Cattleya walkeriana (Silva e Milaneze-Gutierre, 2004), espécies capazes de sobreviver em ambientes xéricos; ao contrário das espécies de Miltonia acima citadas.
aurantiaca and Stanhopea occulata seedlings in vitro and Phalaenopsis flower stalk node cultures without adversely affecting the plants (Brown et al.
Soto Arenas & Salazar (amenazada) y Stanhopea tigrina Bateman ex Lindl.