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Synonyms for standstill


Synonyms for standstill

Synonyms for standstill

a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

an interruption of normal activity


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Aligera Holding AB (FN: ALIRAB), an investment company with exclusive focus on renewable energy, announced on Tuesday that it and the bondholder committee of its SEK500m senior secured bonds have agreed on an extended standstill period until 24 January 2018, in order to allow more time to continue the discussions about a potential out of court restructuring of the Aligera group.
In the standstill period, NARL was to market the rig for an acceptable drilling deal and Jurong Shipyard to sell the rig at an acceptable price.
H/2 boss Spencer Haber described the standstill as the "first step" to securing the longterm future of the "vitally important care provider".
The is at a standstill and looks A driver, who wished to remain anonymous, described it as a 'bad accident Beth on a 'massive accident' as they passed the crash.
For farms that take advantage, incoming movements of cattle, sheep and goats will not trigger a six-day standstill on the rest of the holding - only in the QU itself.
Mr Davies added: "The six-day standstill remains one of the most unpopular regulations within the farming industry.
The PTI chairman also condemned the violence and burning of vehicles yesterday by angry MQM workers and expressed concern over the fear that has spread amongst the innocent citizens and businesses of Karachi which has brought the city to a standstill.
The worst areas affected were Sussex and Kent, where the A23 between Crawley and Kent was at a standstill, along with the M23, A26, A27 and A29 after 4in (10cm) of snow fell.
STEEL output remained at a virtual standstill in the UK last year amid continuing economic "stagnation", according to a new report.
It features two-channel operation and can be used for standstill and overspeed monitoring of three-phase motors.
Unite said buses in the capital will come to a standstill as bus workers from every London bus operator will walk out for the first time in a generation.
1 reactor was at a standstill for some 40 minutes before the utility restarted it after checking that there were no abnormalities.
Summary: Abu Dhabi conglomerate Al Jaber Group is close to a standstill agreement on its $1-billion plus debt restructuring of debt, with more than 90 percent of lenders agreeing to the move.
During the standstill period, each participating bank agrees not to make demand (or further demand) or take any action against the company and its subsidiaries to recover outstanding debts, and SMT Holdings can obtain up to RMB1 10 million ($17.