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old-fashioned and out of date

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Both standpatters and reformists coexist in the DPJ, too.
I love anim - TR: The Standpatters controlled the Hill in my day.
The Standpatters are feeling the heat from their land-grabbing pals, who can't abide the right of plain people to wide-open spaces.
It is ill-advised to wait as the system deteriorates at an increasingly rapid rate until the crisis that the Study Committee described becomes apparent to even the standpatters of today.
29), for example, the success of democratization hinges largely on the ability of "liberal reformers" within the government to outmaneuver the standpatters.
But liberalized authoritarianisms turn out to be inherently unstable, dividing regimes between standpatters, who want to re-create the status quo ante, and reformers, who want to continue liberalization.
Transplacements occur only when reformers are stronger than standpatters in the government and moderates are stronger than extremists in the opposition.