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Synonyms for standoffish

Synonyms for standoffish

lacking cordiality


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Emphasise to them that you don't mean to be standoffish.
Sofia worries about being in a different cabin from Nona, but she makes friends with everyone in her cabin--with the exception of the standoffish Olivia.
Standoffish at first, Isaac eventually accepts Lem as his partner in religiously tinged crime - there's a dead cat resurrection that must be seen to be believed, if not persuaded by - until, inevitably under this kind of regime, betrayal becomes a necessity.
In contrast, standoffish fermions won't share a quantum state with even one other fermion.
Pipes lists 42 "telltale indications," to help citizens spot sleepers: Sleepers avoid contact with the larger society by being "friendly but standoffish.
chairman Rupert Murdoch has finally embraced the Internet, after maintaining a distinctly standoffish approach until now, then a way to keep Booth within the company.
But Jacqueline Bouvier was this Frenchified whisper of a thing who was too delicate and standoffish to campaign with her Erin-go-bragh dream of a husband.
At times he got standoffish and had a smart-alecky attitude toward me,'' she said.
Their results demonstrate the complementary, standoffish nature of electrons, one of the lighter members of the fermion clan, which also includes protons and neutrons.
To be intelligent meant "understanding" criminals, looking down on family values, and being standoffish about patriotism.
He was a very private man but not standoffish or aloof.