standing stone

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a tall upright megalith

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Standing Stone attorney William Martin said in a statement that the restaurant denies the allegation.
Standing stones have been found in almost every part of the inhabited world.
In its center rises a standing stone surrounded by 12 marker stones placed roughly 36 feet away from it around the circle's perimeter.
There are no other later prehistoric standing stones within this part of Wales that are cupmarked (with small hollows), making this one rather unique.
Maen Llia standing stone is a Scheduled Ancient Monument in Brecon Beacons National Park which attracts visitors from across the world as a site of archaeological importance.
Sometime in the 1930s, a dam with a wide sluiceway had been built across Standing Stone Creek.
Peter's time-slip novel, Standing Stone, tells the parallel story of a young Venerable Bede and a modern day South Shields boy.
Although stone circles provide a more conspicuous presence than a solitary standing stone, some sites are simply too vast to contain in a single frame; the outer stone circle at Avebury, for example, has a diameter of 335 metres.
The bales are configured in a large circle, reminiscent of megalithic standing stone arrays in Great Britain.
EAT your heart out Cornwall - Wiltshire has its own version of the pasty and it's the size of a standing stone.
On the one hand, the Greek term's nuance of inscribed, or marked, standing stone is not shared by the Hebrew.
But in a 22-page answer and counterclaim, the tribe's media arm, Standing Stone Media, accuses Giago himself of breaching the contract by selling Indian Country Today while intending all along to start a newspaper that would be positioned as a continuation of Indian Country Today.
A standing stone in the field provides the basis for one of his tales.
Perhaps this was, in fact, the last vestige of a Neolithic ceremony, where people or priests led a procession of cattle through the standing stone alignments--a procession that ended at the cromlech, where the cattle were either slaughtered or consecrated.
Apoyado ademas por la computadora, que representa un claro signo y reflejo de la vida contemporaneo, al uso de McCartney u otros musicos de su generacion, Standing stone experimento sus primeros esbozos.